Swim Team Changes ? All groups affected

Swim Team Changes – All groups affected

  1. Regular schedule for all tonight Thursday, October 9
  2. Friday – Changes – Mile Meet moved to Saturday, October 10 at PCY, keep reading
    1. Friday Senior 1-2 and AG 3-4 will swim as scheduled,          AG 2 cancelled          and AG 1 will swim at 5:45 PM for only 1 hour.     Senior 3 and Dolphin have no Friday practices scheduled. Senior 1-2 and AG 1 will swim outside.
  3. Saturday, October 10
    1. NO morning practices for anyone
    2. Mile meet at PCY now, older swimmers warm up at 9 AM, meet at 9:30 AM,  Younger swimmers warm up  11 AM,  meet about 11:20 AM
    3. Everyone’s entry will stay in place for the Mile meet, but if you need to cancel out or if you can now swim, go on our website and adjust your entry.
  4. Sunday October 10 – we are starting our first Sunday practices – this week in Ferris pool –
    1. AG 3 will be cancelled for Sunday this week
    2. AG 1 & 2 plus Senior 3 will swim their normal Sunday evening
    3. AG 4, Senior 1-2 and Dolphin do not have a Sunday offering

Our new issue is that the Main Pool’s pump is being repaired on Friday – Sunday therefore the pool is closed starting Friday AM. We’ll let you know if we have any issues on Monday. Its’ heater is still not repaired – hopefully soon!

WE have posted more swim meet sign ups on our website! Please check