Allegheny Mountain Men of Movember

Our good friend and fellow AMS Official, Scott Pauley, has been involved with an organization that focuses on men’s health, including raising money for prostate cancer and testicular cancer research to name two. The name of the organization is the Movember Foundation. They’ve found a way to have fun while doing good. We figured, why not create our own team of AMS Officials and Coaches…

Allegheny Mountain Men of Movember 

In the month of November, you may see some of your fellow AMS Officials and Coaches sporting mustaches of various shapes and sizes. In support of men's health initiatives, this group of guys have joined the Movember movement and formed their own team, called the Allegheny Mountain Men of Movember. For the Month of Movember we will be busy sprouting hair on our upper lips to build awareness about men's health, raise funds for a good cause, and also have a bit of fun teasing each other on deck during our November swim meets. We're sure many of your family and friends would love to support you in this fun endeavor.

We invite all AMS Officials and Coaches to the team. Just go to the link below to sign up. If you don’t want to sport a mustache but want to make a donation to the team, you can do that, as well. If you just want to poke fun at us on deck during Movember, that's OK, too.

Stay tuned for ways our Mo-sista officials can become involved too, by sending permission slips to our male officials, and by donating to our team.

This should be a lot of fun and will allow us to do some good at the same time!

To view the Movember rules, click here.