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Championship Meet FAQ

Championship Meets:

Championship meet season is fast approaching…here are some common questions & answers about championship meets.


Q. How do we know if a swimmer has a qualifying time(s) for championship meets?

A. Time standards are posted on Indiana Swimming’s website:


Q. How do we read the time standards file?

  1. Find the age group your swimmer is in (ie 10&U, 11-12, 13-14, etc)
  2. Girls times are on the Left.  Boys times are on the Right.
  3. Look at the SCY (Short Course Yards) times.  (SCY is what we swim in the winter).
  4. There is a column for Divisional and State times.
  5. Find the time standards that matches your swimmers: Age, Gender, Event, & SCY time.

Here is an example of the 10&U, Boys, 100 Breast, SCY, Divisional time. (red box is the time, yellow boxes are the areas used to find the time.


Q. What is the difference between Divisional and State times/meets?

A. There are two levels of championships for swimmers based on their times.  Swimmers with a Divisional time can swim at the South East Indiana Divisional Championships, which are the weekend of 3/3-3/5 in Columbus, IN.  Swimmers with a State time cannot swim at Divisionals in that specific event, but can swim at the State Championships which are the weekend of 3/10-3/12 (14&U) in Indianapolis, IN.  Swimmers 15&O with a State time swim at Senior State at Pike HS the weekend of 3/17-3/19.


Q. Do middle school and high school swims count?

A. Yes, middle school and high school swim times count if they are within the qualifying period of 3/4/2016-3/3/2017.  (**MS meets after 2/27/2017 may be eligable, but there is a $100 late fee, plus event fees which must by paid in cash to enter. **)


Q. What if my swimmer has a birthday before the championship meet?

A. If you swimmer has a birthday that puts them in a different age category, then the swimmer must have a qualifying time in the new age range to compete at championship meets.  The swimmer’s age on the first day of the meet (ie 3/3/17 for Divisionals) is the age range the swimmer must qualify in.  For example, if your swimmer is 12, and is turning 13 on 3/1/17, then your swimmer must have a qualifying time in the 13-14 age group to compete at the meet.  If you swimmer has a qualifying time in the 11-12 age group, but not in the 13-14 age group, and they have a birthday making them 13 before 3/3/2017, they would not qualify to compete.


Q. Do I need to sign up my swimmer for a championship meet?

A.  Yes, a meet sign up email will be sent for championship meets, the same way as all other meets.


Q. What if my swimmer qualifies after the meet registration deadline?

A. If your swimmer qualifies at an end of season meet (like WAC, Divisionals or another Middle School meet), and the online sign up has already closed, you can still enter the meet if:

  1. The event was swum in the qualifying period of 3/4/16-3/3/17
  2. YOU IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY THE BOARD  via email that a new qualifying time has been achedived.  This is the responsibility of the swimmer/swimmer family!  If you do not notify the Board immediately via email (same day the time is acheived) then it may be too late to enter.  Again, this is the swimmer/family responsibility. 


Q. What are the fees?

A.  The meet fees are $5 per event * the number of events entered, $5 per athlete charge, $1.50 transaction fee.  Meets may also have an additional athlete surcharge at larger venues (ie IUPUI Nat charges $2 per athlete).  Specific meet fees will be listed in the meet sign up page.