Hills Meet Recap

Best Times = 268 (team total)

Swimmers with all best times and no DQs = Kyle Rundel, Kendall Maurer, Dasha Wohlfarth, Dylan Feldman, Nathan Rogers, Mia Elliott, Lauren Halbrook, Samantha Ross, Nicole Chamorro

New Team Records          
  9-10 Boys Yorozu-Suttle, Ashley      
  100free 1:05.66 (Previously owned)      
  50 Fly 33.89 (Previous Record: Joshua Hunter 35.14, 2015)  
  100 Fly 1:22.08 (Previously owned)      
  100 IM 1:14.25 (Previously owned)      
  13-14 Girls Lauer, Mia        
  50 Free 27.26 (Previous Record: Torrey Hart, 27.63, 2011)  
  13-14 Girls Olnes, Cecelia        
  100 Breast 1:18.57 (Previously owned)      
  200 Breast 2:51.01 (Previous Record: Elizabeth Kelleher, 2:53.14, 2010)
  17-18 Girls Hart, Torrey        
  100 Back 1:10.00 (Previously owned record)    
New B Times            
  Bowes, Genny 500free        
  Chamorro, Nicole 100free        
  Guimaraes, Ana 25free, 25back      
  Hunter, Ellie 100IM          
  Isola, Joey 500free          
  Isola, Katie 200fly          
  Klein, Anna 100breast        
  Lauer, Mia 200fly          
  Manalang, Colin 50free, 100free, 50fly, 100IM    
  Martinic, Carolina 500free        
  Maurer, Kendal 50free, 100breast, 100IM    
  Nylund, Alex 100free, 50breast, 100breast, 100fly    
  Olnes, Cecilia 100fly        
  Porras, Maddy 100free, 500free, 100fly      
  Rolefson, Tom 500free, 100breast      
  Rundel, Kyle 50free          
  Teixeira, Riley 100breast        
  Thompson, Ava 500free, 100fly      
  Walsh Mia 50free, 100free, 50breast, 100IM    
  Wohlfarth, Dasha 100IM        
  Wong, Christopher 100back, 100fly      
New BB Times            
  Hull, Michael 200breast, 100fly      
  Isola, Katie 100back        
  Lauer, Mia 500free          
  Martinic, Carolina 50free, 100breast, 100IM    
  Nylund, Alex 50back        
  Rogers, Nathan 500free        
  Thompson, Georgia 50fly, 100fly      
  Wong, Christopher, 200breast        
New A Times            
  Hunter, Ellie 100free        
  Hunter, Josh 50free          
  Yorozu-Suttle, Ashley 100breast      
New AA Times            
  Yorozu-Suttle, Ashley 50fly        
New Junior Olympic Qual          
  Hull, Michael 200breast, 100fly, 200IM      
  Hunter, Josh 100fly, 100IM        
New Senior 2 Qual          
  Hull, Michael 200breast        
  Lauer, Mia 50 Free          
  Olnes, Cecilia 100breast, 200breast      
  Whittall, James 50 Free        
  Wong, Christopher 200breast, 100back, 100free