Donna Beyerl Named AMS' Jamy Pfister Official of the Year

The 2015 "Jamy Pfister Official of the Year" is Donna Beyerl!

Donna has been an official for a long time and works more sessions than anyone in AMS. In fact, she worked 20 meets and 70 sessions during the 2014/2015 Short Course season alone! She has mentored/trained many of our officials, is an active member of the AMS Officials Committee and is very deserving of being named the very first awardee.

The Jamy Pfister Official of the Year award was named to honor our very own Jamy Pfister who devoted over 40 years as a swim official. Jamy has mentored many of us in AMS and around the nation over the years and has left her indelible mark on USA Swimming, both regionally and locally. 

Donna received her award at the AMS Officiathon held on Saturday, April 18, 2015.

Congratulations Donna!