2015 Spla$h-4-Ca$h Winners & Grand Total!



Spla$h-4-Ca$h was a STELLAR SUCCESS!!!

You Raised $21,582.50!!!

Holy Bank Roll Dolphins that is FANTASTIC!!!


This year’s winners are:

1st        $2,485.00 Makena Silva                     Cash Prize $150.

2nd       $1,800.00 Damiera Cruz                    Cash Prize $100.

3rd        $845.00 Paul Cieri                             Cash Prize $75.


WELL DONE DOLPHINS!!! (Your prizes will be delivered to your practice later this week)


Top Family: The Reed Sisters with a whopping $1,345.                      

$700.00 Isabel Reed

$645.00 Eva Reed                                          Cash Prize $150.

Top Group:

Coach Brian’s Pre-Senior Group raised $5787.50 INCREDIBLE!!! – You win a Pizza and Ice Cream Party on deck! (Date to be determined by Coach)


A Special Thank you to the Swimmers & Coaches who brought in $500. or more:


$600.00 Nina Cardinale

$580.00 Griffin Steers

$560.00 Skyler Alexander

$550.00 Coach Rebekah Corbishley

$510.00 Sophie Millette

$500.00 Jacquelynn Powers

$500.00 Hannah Kim

$500.00 Erika Pellett


…and those Swimmers who brought in $200 or more:


$450.00 Simone Brown

$450.00 Connor Barringer

$450.00 Madeline Brown

$450.00 Riley Barringer

$400.00 Jackson Klarsfeld

$396.99 Ayliana Horvath

$390.00 Molly Fittro

$380.00 Indio Velasquez

$332.00 Brenner Horvath

$300.00 Caleb Cripe

$300.00 Grace Gonzales

$292.01 Hezrai Horvath

$250.00 Henry Blaul

$250.00 Vivian Edwards

$250.00 Gabrielle Edwards

$220.00 Patrick Powers

$202.50 Erin Trotter

$200.00 Cameron Ritchie

$200.00 Iain Anderson

$200.00 Andrew Ballard

$200.00 Austin Hussain

$200.00 Madison Stander


Thank you to each and every swimmer and parent for making this year’s Spla$h-4-Ca$h a whopping Success!!! It is such a joy to see everyone come together to support our team! Go Dolphins!!!