USA Swimming Registration Cards Will Not be Issued for 2016

As you all know, it has been AMS' practice to issue a new USA Swimming non-athlete Official member card upon successful registration each year. The card showed that you were currently a non-athlete member as well as showing the expiration date of your Background Check and Athlete Protection Training.

As our LSC certification cards, which can be printed from the USA Swimming website, reflect the BC, APT and USA-S registration expiration dates along with the expiration dates for your certified official levels, we will no longer be issuing USA-S registration cards from the AMS Permanent Office. This will save time and money in issuing these unnecessary cards.

Many LSC's across the country have moved in this direction. Our LSC certification cards will provide the same information (and more) and will get you onto any pool deck both regionally and nationally. In addition, Deck Pass provides the USA-S, BC and APT expiration dates and is also a valid form to provide to get you on deck. See below images...



Should you have any questions, please contact Bob Mermelstein at