High School Swimmers Training Group


only $75/month*

*plus $85 DBS/USA Annual Registration if not already registered

What is the High School Training Group
**Geared specifically for High School Swimmers who want to continue their training after High School Season but do not want to/or are unable to commit to the 9 practices per week of our SENIOR group.  This Group trains Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:30p-4:30p at Port Orange YMCA (contact us for availability at other DBS pools).
**Lower Intensity training program geared to swimmers who do not swim year round.

**Swimmers will be part of Daytona Beach Swimming and can participate in any meets DBS participates (or is qualified for).

**Swimmers will be coached along-side the senior group but will be given specific workouts to improve stroke technique in their high school events.
**This group is perfect for High School students new to swimming or High School swimmers who have jobs or other commitments during the week.
Do not mail form into USA swimming we submit electronically.  The fee will be applied to account balance.  If swimmer is already registered with USA Swimming no fee will be applied to account.
To join go to and click JOIN US.  You will be prompted to create and account - and you will pay $85 team registration (which also covers USA registration).  
If you would like to swim in an upcoming meet.  You click the ATTEND/DECLINE button next to meet name.  Meet fees are billed to your account the week before the meet. 
Please contact DBS Treasurer Annemarie Rizzo if you have any questions.