November Swimmers of the Month
November 2015 Swimmers of the Month
These swimmers were chosen by our coaching staff on the basis of their attitude, effort, attendance, improvement, and performance in the month of October.  Congratulations!
BronzeJake WatsonNew to the program this year, Jake has really excelled in practice as shown dramatic improvement in all his strokes. Not only has he "learned" but he comes to practice everyday with a "what-can-I-do-to-get-faster" attitude. 
SilverSavannah Bauserman. Savannah has stepped up as one of the leaders of the silver group. She is the one swimmer that always knows what is going on at all times during practice. Not only does she train hard everyday but she does it with a smile on her face. Although she missed our October meet, she started the season with lifetime best swims across the board many of which were 10+ second time drops.
GoldBrendan Whitfield. Brendan is a great example of how focusing on the fundamentals of a stroke and really working to understand the purpose of the drills can pay off in a big way! Brendan has been working hard on some challenging progressive drills for butterfly. Not only has he improved his butterfly stroke, but his balance and feel for the water has improved as well. And after an impressive start to the season at September’s meet, Brendan continued to improve and dropped time in every event he swam at the October Tri Meet. In addition to bettering his strokes, Brendan has stepped up his leadership role by leading his lane and keeping them on track. Congratulations Brendan! Keep working hard!
Varsity- Ellie Eckert. Ellie has been working on her stroke skills, particularly in butterfly, and her attention to technique paid off in the October invitational meet with a six second time drop in the 100 fly. Her respectable attendance record didn’t hurt, either. Ellie’s 100 fly time improvement was in addition to ten seconds’ worth of time drops in her other events. In true Ellie fashion, she set a goal this season to do one more dolphin kick per wall in practice than is required. Ellie has earned the admiration of other LY coaches, too, one of them describing Ellie’s effort in practice as the emergence of the “workout beast.” Ellie brings a smile to the pool every day, boosting the spirits of all she greets with her attitude and making practice even more enjoyable for her LY teammates—thanks and congratulations Ellie!
National- Brendan Murray.  Brendan hasn't missed a practice since the beginning of the season and has been gradually and steadily improving his performance at practice, accepting challenges and meeting them head-on.  This approach was rewarded at the October Tri-Meet as Brendan delivered four best times in the 200 fly, 200 free, 200 IM, and 400 IM.  He has already made progress toward big goals this season, but if he keeps up his current efforts he will be exciting to watch at the end of the season!