NPAC swim meet job descriptions

 Swim Meet Job Position Description


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On Deck Jobs


On deck positions include lane timers, computer operators, clerk of course, awards, head timer, meet manager, team photographer and officials. Street shoes are not allowed on deck. Remember to bring a pair of clean flip flops, crocs or sandals to wear. Swim meets are notoriously hot so wear light clothing.


Team Photographer: Takes photos of the swimmers to post on the NPAC Facebook page.  Needs to have a deck pass.  Needs to have completed a back ground check and online Safe Sport class.


Awards: Computer prints out the results of an event (first place, second place, third place, etc.). The awards person  secures the appropriate sticker result to the appropriate ribbon. Example: swimmer’s name, first place in 50 free onto a blue first place ribbon. Second place onto a second place ribbon. And so on. Each team will have a bag for ribbons to be handed to the coaches at the end of the meet.  No previous experience required! Can be done in the stands with a cleared space. Can also be done on deck next to the computer table.


Clerk of Course (Pit Boss): Responsible for staging swimmers.  Acts as a gatekeeper to avoid crowding behind the blocks.  Will have a heat sheet to help make sure the correct swimmers are staged for the next event.  Can also assist at timing table if a runner is needed.


Lane Timers: two lane timers per lane. Act as a back up to the electronic timing system. When the swimmer touches the wall at the end of the event you push a button on the stop watch. One of the 2 timers per lane records the time on a record sheet. It is that simple. Head timer or officials will show you what to do. Please also check that the correct swimmer is in the correct lane for the event (they are kids after all and not always paying attention!). We need 12 lane timers (for 6 lanes) for every session of the meet.


Head Timer: At the starting signal of an event, push the button that starts the timing clock. Works closely with the starting official. Responsible for making sure the lane timers are on deck and ready to be briefed 15 minutes before each session is scheduled to start.


Computer Operators: Operates computers during the swim meets. Operates computer-based timing devices and records the times for the swimmers, and assists with the on deck set up and take down of timing system. Must be trained and there are special “computer trainee” job positions. Please see Scott Murrah for more information.

Safety Coordinator: Patrols deck and keeps the meet in compliance with USA swimming safety regulations. Key duties include making sure swimmers are not diving in the warm up area and that on deck pedestrian traffic flow guidelines are enforced.


Swim Meet Officials: Cannot have a swim meet without them! Includes Referee, Starter, and Stroke and Turn judges. These people enforce the rules of the meet, the start of each heat, and judge the swimmers. Training required. If you are interested, please see Jennifer Young for more information.


Hospitality Food Donation: provides food and beverages for all of the on deck volunteers including the coaches, officials computer operators, timers etc. as per the meet invite. Hospitality is located in the life guard room next to the boys locker room.  Please donate your food between 7:30 and 8:30 am, at the same time you drop off your swimmer for warm- ups. This is because the officials meeting starts at 8:30 (at hospitality) and the deck will be closed at 9. If it is a multi day meet, please keep track for which day you are donating (Saturday or Sunday). REMEMBER TO SIGN IN on the HOSPITALITY JOB SIGN IN LIST to receive volunteer points for your donation. THANK YOU!


Hospitality Manager: Set up the hospitality table, place out paper products, make coffee, stock the cooler. Refrigerate items if necessary in pool staff room. Keep it neat and clean. Check on the table throughout the day and restock items as necessary. Specific directions are provided.



Located upstairs, concessions sells food (Fruit, nachos, pretzels, etc.) and beverages (water, soda, coffee) during a swim meet. Open on Saturday and Sunday; closed during the Friday session.


Pool Set Up: Carry equipment from the storage lockers on the balcony across to concessions- paper products, Keurig, non perishables, etc. Carry paper products down to hospitality. Set up tables for concessions and timing on deck, set up chairs for timing, etc.


Pool Break Down: Carry equipment back upstairs to storage locker and balcony.  Clean up concession and hospitality areas. Bag up trash.


The Concession Stand Shift 1 (Shift 2 and Shift 3): Sell concession items for a period of time during swim meets. Sell heat sheets, prepare the pretzels, hand out the muffins, make change, etc.


Concession Stand Donations: non-perishables like water and soda donations can be brought to the pool earlier in the week (preferred) and stored or be brought early the morning of the meet (7:30 to 8:30).


Runner: Delivers heat sheets to concessions, delivers labels to awards person, hands out water to timers, serves as a back up timer for bathroom breaks.


Swim Shop Sales: Sell swim shop items- towels, mugs, water bottles, swim caps. 


Safety Monitors

There are two safety monitor teams: one for the women’s locker room and one for the men’s locker room.  The Safety Monitor monitor the locker room, lobby and the stands for inappropriate behavior. Safety monitors need to patrol about once an hour. 

Inappropriate behavior includes (but not necessarily limited to) bullying, cell phone use in the locker rooms, and vandalism. This includes blocking off shower drains with swim caps or towels. 

They also need to make sure the showers are turned off.


Please be sure to check in at concessions or with the volunteer coordinator (Wendy Williamson) to get your name checked off the sign up sheet.  If you do not check in, you will not receive credit.  If you sign up and do not show or contact the volunteer coordinator prior the event, your account will be charged $25 per hour for your missed volunteer time.