Communicating with your swimmer's Coach
Dolphin Families,
Youth sports are an integral part of the culture in our society and directly impact the lives of many children and adolescents. Parents play a major role in a child’s athletic development and are members of the athletic triangle. This triangle being the Coach-Parent-Swimmer. The importance of the cohesiveness within the athletic triangle and its effect on athletic success is universal. With this being said, "how and when do I communicate with our child(ren)'s Coach?"
When should we communicate with our coach?
We would like you to please communicate with the coaches outside of practice, not during practice. During practice we would like our coach's attention on your swimmer to give them the best coaching experience we can provide. Coaches will be available after their practice for 10-15 minutes after a practice in the hallway by the locker room if you would like to talk to them at both practice facilities.
What if you can't make it to a practice and you need to get in touch with a coach?
Coach's e-mail addresses are available in their bios which are located by clicking the coaches link in the top left corner of our website, please send them an e-mail.
Coaches are reachable and are happy to share their thoughts on the progress of your swimmer and any concerns you may have.