December Swimmers of the Month
Our coaches have selected these swimmers performance, attitude, effort and commitment in the month of November
BronzeSophia Gordon. There comes a time when every athlete decides that they have to do more to get better. Sophia has always had fun in practice but she has gotten to point where she wants to make herself faster. Over the last month she has stepped up her practices and not only working harder but also on the little things that will make her faster. In practice you will not only find her working hard and swimming fast but she is still the leader of the "fun pack" in her lane.
SilverLauren Mazur. It's very unusual when a young swimmer learns the "challenge of the pace clock". The clock never slows down, never takes breaks or stops, and it always lets you know how fast you are going. Lauren realized in order for her swim faster in meets that she has to swim faster in practice, and she has stepped up her practices to "race the clock". It also means that she has taken over leading the lane so she can "race". It has been a great change in attitude that has her excited and looking forward to swimming her first 500 free at Christiansburg. 
GoldJack Mills. Jack's only 10 years old, but he is really putting up some fast times. His best time is 29.34 in the 50 Free. That’s not a typo- he’s that fast! But Jack’s no one-trick pony. He’s a strong butterflier and has been working to improve his breaststroke as well. That work is starting to pay off. In this last meet, Jack dropped time in his 100 breast and his 100 IM. In addition to racing well, Jack works just as hard in practice. He is improving his clock reading skills and is a good lane leader. It’s exciting to watch Jack swim and as he continues to learn and work on his technique, we look forward to more events becoming his “best”.
Varsity - Several swimmers were in the running for Varsity Swimmer of the Month, including an athlete with perfect attendance in November, a newly awarded Eagle Scout with soaring efforts, and a B interval swimmer who is keeping up with the A interval. Ultimately, the Swimmer of the Month is Morgan Whitfield. Near-perfect November attendance along with a healthy work ethic and improved fly technique gave him an 11-second time drop in the 100 fly at the SMAC meet and helped him drop 9 more seconds in the 200 IM. Never one to complain, Morgan’s Let’s-Do-This attitude in practice inspires others in the Varsity group to keep their efforts going through the tough sets. Thanks and congratulations Morgan!
National - Lexi Plogger.  If consistency is the road to excellence, then Lexi Plogger is on her way.  She had near-perfect attendance in the month of November, and her effort over that span showed at the SMAC meet.  She drew an outside lane in almost every race, but refused to let that be an excuse.  Every race was an opportunity that she took advantage of, leading to her  season-best times in four events and a lifetime best in the 200 free. Keep up the good work, Lexi, and great things are in store for you!