January Swimmers of the Month

 January 2016 Swimmers of the Month
These swimmers were chosen by our coaching staff on the basis of their attendance, attitude, effort and performance in the month of December.  Congratulations, everyone!

Everett Heimbach is the Bronze Group Swimmer of the Month.   Everett has done a great job swimming with the "big dogs" these last couple of weeks. The best part has been his great attitude. I ask him if this set is hard - he answers yes. I ask him if he is having fun - he answers yes. I ask him if he wants to take a break - he answers yes and then pushes off anyways. Attitude is everything, if you are having fun it is never work, it is an opportunity to learn something new and get faster. Having such a great attitude, everyday he comes to practice, is making Everett stronger and faster.

Bailey Peek is the Silver Group Swimmer of the Month.  Sometimes doing the impossible does nothing but build your confidence that you can do anything. Bailey has done what he was supposed to do in practice but he really has put effort into doing the things that weren't easy for him - like breaststroke. After being challenged in practice to do the impossible he has really adopted a can-do attitude. With only a few months of swimming under his belt you almost won't recognize him, in the water or walking on the deck. There is now a swagger that says "I can do anything".

Aidan De La Hunt is the Gold Group Swimmer of the Month.  As the youngest sibling, Aidan is now the latest De La Hunt to swim with LY. And while she has yet to show off her results at a meet, Aidan has worked daily to improve her swimming. She has almost mastered doing flip turns with a snorkel and has markedly improved her strength and cardiovascular endurance. Due in part to her good attendance, Aidan has worked her way to the front of her lane. Aidan’s bubbly personality makes her a great addition to a lane of newer swimmers. No matter what the day’s workload, Aidan jumps in and gets it done.  Well done, Aidan! Keep up the good work!

JT Lotz is the Varsity Group Swimmer of the Month. JT had near perfect attendance for December. At the December championship meet in Christiansburg, JT’s improved stroke technique helped him achieve multiple best times including a 12-second drop in the 400 IM and an 8 second improvement in the 200 back. Being a reliable lane leader for complicated intervals, taking time to high five his teammates after a challenging set, along with keeping a positive attitude in practice, makes JT a valued member of the Varsity squad. Thanks and congratulations JT!

Choosing the January SOTM for the National Group was particularly hard because of many outstanding swims at the HOKI meet.  Sutton Schonfelder gets the award this month for his determined training (often in the shadow of his teammates) and his outstanding results they produced.  He swam 100% best times at the meet, went faster at finals in all four of his qualifying swims, and generally dropped gobs of time.  This was particularly impressive because Sutton has been dropping time all season -- this meet he just dropped in bigger chunks.  Congratulations, Sutton on a great season thus far.  Keep it rolling!