Highlights from GATR Winter Storm

Highlights from GATR Winter Storm Meet

Our team recorded many excellent swims at the GATR Winter Storm Meet February 6-7.  The meet served as a final tune-up before championship season begins in Christiansburg February 26.

Joshua Bodine used a smoother and more efficient freestyle to take the bell lap in his 500 and then successfully fight off a final attack from adjacent lanes to win his heat with a 19 second improvement. He also managed to drop 20 second in the 400 IM!

In the 200 IM, Ellie Eckert concentrated on holding the water with her strokes, and this more efficient swimming helped her take 3 seconds off her time.

In practice, Daniel Murray has been improving his backstroke kick technique and his ankle flexibility. In the meet, he shed 3 seconds from his 200 back and also went  best time in the 100 back using a stronger, more efficient kick.

Working on his mindset, Brandon Naylor approached the 200 back with a positive attitude, and he dropped 3 seconds. In the same manner, he took another 2 seconds off his 100 breaststroke and set a new personal best in the 50 free.

Austin Orange delivered strong performances to set new personal bests in the 200 breast and 200 fly.

Connor Sauls has been pushing himself in workout, and it showed in his 500 free when he sliced 8 seconds off his time. He also took nearly 6 seconds off of his 200 breast time.

Madeline Spahr’s tight streamlines and strong underwater dolphin kicks propelled her to a 4 second improvement in her 200 back.

Chandler St. Clair’s dive technique has improved, and he had the best start in the field in both the 500 and 200 free.

JT Lotz fought off illness and delivered a best time in the 100 back.

Morgan Whitfield concluded the meet with a strong swim in the 400 IM to go his best time by 1.5 seconds.

Gold Group

JC Gordon pulled out a great 100 Free dropping almost 2 seconds for a season best 1:04.95. His focus on pacing in practice helped him shave almost 3 seconds off his 200 Free time finishing in 2:20.91.

Jack Mills is determined to keep dropping his freestyle times starting with his fast 28.92 in the 50 Free, then clocking 1:03.58 in the 100 Free and racing to a 6:13.89 in the 500 Free.

Matthew Murray’s backstroke has been looking stronger and he showed that work by dropping almost 2 seconds in his 100 back finishing with a season best 1:12.78. Capitalizing off the strong backstroke finish, Matthew pushed hard in his 100 Fly to finish in 1:13.35.

Kyle Sennett pushed himself and ended up dropping his 100 IM time by almost 3 seconds. He turned on the jets again to drop time in his 50 Free to 30.83. And in his second attempt at the 200 Fly, he dropped over 3 seconds and finished strong in 3:04.08.

Cameron St. Clair dropped time in each of the 3 events he swam. His focus on improving his backstroke technique paid off with a 2.74 second drop. His 50 Breast improved by half a second and his 500 Free finish of 6:01.76 puts him very close to his goal of breaking 6 minutes.

Brendan Whitfield’s determination to understand pace has helped him improve on his longer events. He dropped over 12.5 seconds in his 500 Free to finish with a 6:19.97 and by dropping over 10 seconds in his 200 Breast he finished in 3:20.41. He also dropped about 2 seconds in the 50 Fly and the 100 Back.

Bronze and Silver
I could really see some of the silver and bronze kids working on technique things this past weekend that made them look smoother in the water.  We were really working on technique and refining our strokes. I could really see some kids focusing on trying to practice things like long walls and kicking harder, which made them look great. Here is a list of individual accomplishments that really stuck out:

Josh Edwards: Since we have been working on some butterfly technique in practice, Josh improved his time by 2 seconds in his 25 fly this weekend!

Sophia Gordon: Sophia has been working hard in practice and it really showed this past weekend when she beat all of her times! She also had a really awesome backstroke start which is another thing we have been working on with the bronze group.

Graham Woodruff: Graham has been working really hard on his breaststroke in practice and dropped 8 seconds in his 25 breaststroke this past weekend.

Taylor Woodruff: We have been working a lot on kicking harder while swimming when Taylor swam the 25 freestyle, I could really see her trying to kick harder and faster

Anna Mills: Again, with the bronze group we have been really focusing on kicking more and Ann did just that the whole way through her 100 freestyle and dropped 3 seconds!

Joshua Sweeney: Joshua has been putting hard work into practice and improved his butterfly stroke, especially the kick when he swam his 100 IM which resulted in an 11 second time drop! Joshua also had a great backstroke start.

Ryan Frasier: Recently Ryan seems to have taken an interest in butterfly and really working hard on his stroke and it resulted in a 3 second time drop with a 1st place overall in the event!

Lauren Mazur: Lauren dropped time in all of her events this past weekend but the most notable time drop was in her 200 freestyle where she broke the 3:00 mark and dropped almost 10 seconds!

Joshua Smith: The silver group has been working a lot on long walls and freestyle technique. This past weekend, Joshua proved to be incorporating those practices into his freestyle race, and therefore had a really beautiful freestyle swim.

Great job, everyone!