How to Join the WAVES

Join the WAVES Today!

Your first step...Make an appointment for your In-Water Swim Skills Assessment.

Here's a list of the skills we require to join the team.

If your child is in elementary school or middle school age range, the location for your swim skills assessment and WAVES practices is Bloomington-Normal YMCA, 602 S. Main St., Bloomington.

If your child is high school age, then contact WAVES Coach Yourd for information on squad placement.

WAVES Swimming is the proven pathway to success! 

Your child will receive specific attention, help, guidance,
instruction and direction that is targeted specifically to your individual child. 

Welcome new members!

Follow these easy steps to get started

1. Contact a WAVES coach to schedule an appointment for assessment of your child's swim skills in the pool.  Here's a list of the skills we require.

2. When you arrive for the scheduled in-water swim skills assessment, bring your completed New Swimmer Info form.

3. Hand your completed form to the coach at the swim skill assessment.

4. When your child's in-water skill assessment is complete, the coach will tell you which WAVES practice squad your swimmer will be assigned to.

5. Participate in WAVES practices for a week before you decide to join.  Parents are invited to watch our practices.  Meet and talk with other WAVES parents in the bleachers, and learn about their family's experiences with the team.

6. Watch and observe our coaching and interaction with swimmers, compare to other teams.  Here's a list of what to look for.