BSL Weekly Update 3/12/18

BSL Weekly Update – Monday March 12, 2018
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Practice Schedule Changes
- Upcoming Practice Changes for March 12 – March 25
Senior Elite  No Practice Sat (3/17)
Senior  No Practice Sat (3/17)
AG Performance (AGP)  No Practice Sat (3/17)
AG Refinement (AGR) . No Practice Sat (3/17)
AG Development (AGD)  No Scheduled Changes
AG Foundations (AGF)  No Scheduled Changes

BSL Spring Break
BSL will take a short practice break at the end of the month, coinciding with many swimmers Spring Break.  We encourage our swimmers and families to use a few days off to relax, reboot, and get excited for the long course season beginning in April!  The dates of this year’s break will be March 28-31.

OnDeck App
Be sure to download the OnDeck App by TeamUnify to your smartphones, as well as update your SMS phone number and carrier on your BSL account.  BSL Administrators use these methods to help distribute important or urgent information when necessary, in addition to our usual methods of email, social media, and BSL News section updates.  The OnDeck app is available on iOS and Android devices, use your BSL account info to log in!

New SwimFit Program
Beginning April 2018 BSL will open a new program called SwimFit.  This group can be the ideal, low pressure group for Middle School, High School, or 12 & Over Summer League swimmers looking to get ready for the upcoming season or to continue enjoying the sport after each season concludes.  It is also complimentary to athletes who participate in other sports and wish to maintain their conditioning, strength, and swim technique throughout the year without the rigors of a competitive swimming schedule.  If you have friends interested in swimming but looking for minimal time commitment, please refer them to the SwimFit section of the BSL website.

Monthly Bring-A-Friend Day
BSL welcomes our swimmers to bring a friend to practice and try swimming with their BSL group.  Monthly Bring-A-Friend Day will fall on the 3rd Wednesday of every month for our AG Refinement and AG Performance groups, while Bring-A-Friend day will fall on the 3rd Tuesday of every month for our AG Foundations and AG Development groups.  With our quality locations and experienced staff, your friend(s) and family will love BSL.

Team Vendor – Swim and Tri!
There are several new and customizable apparel and equipment items on our Team Portal!  Swim and Tri is the official team vendor of BSL!  Swim and Tri is one of the largest and most well respected swimming equipment vendors in the country.  Make sure to check out the Swim and Tri BSL Team Portal and look for all of the great discounts.  You can access the Team Portal by clicking the Swim and Tri logo on the BSL Home Page (toward the bottom right of the page) and using our Team Code.

New BSL Marketing Promotions
Be sure to check out the emailed flyer featuring new BSL promotional opportunities for swimmers and families.  Help BSL grow and win some exciting benefits along the way. 

BSL Team Store Ordering Instructions!
Several items such as T-Shirts, caps, hoodies, and car magnets can be billed to your account through the BSL Team Store.  Items in stock will be sent to your child at swim practice.  Please send any order to Coach Michael Bottchen at  For items available through the BSL Team Store, please click the following link:

BSL Team Hotel Discounts
Be sure to check out the available discounts on our team hotel blocks for upcoming meets!  Information and links can be found on the BSL website, when logged in, under the “Meets” tab and Hotel Info link.

Fundraising Reminders 
BSL is always looking for new sponsors.  If you know an interested company, BSL has sponsorship information available under the Fundraising tab of our website!

BSL Educational Articles
BSL Frequently Asked Questions

Should My Swimmer Wear a Tech Suit?

Mark Your Calendars! – Upcoming Events and Deadlines
Please mark your calendars for the upcoming BSL Team Events and Deadlines
Mar 13-17 – 2018 NCSA Junior National Championships in Orlando, FL (Qualifiers)
Mar 15-18 – 2018 ESSZ Age Group Sectional Championships in Atlanta, GA (14 & Under Qualifiers)
April 7-8 – 2018 CTA Long Course Open at Crossplex (This location was changed) (All BSL Swimmers)
April 28-29 – 2018 BSL Iron City Classic at Crossplex (All BSL Swimmers)

Long Range Planning
Please note the schedule of the following events which will take place several months from now
May 19 – 2018 BSL Vulcan Classic (SCY) at Crossplex (All BSL 12 & Unders)
June 16-17 – 2018 BSL Summer Sizzler at Crossplex (All BSL Swimmers)
June 22-24 – 2018 Ralph Crocker Invitational (P/F) in Auburn, AL (AGP and above)
July 7 – 2018 CTA Last Chance Meet in Tuscaloosa, AL (Non-SES Qualifiers)
July 19-22 – 2018 Southeastern LC Championship in Knoxville, TN (Qualifiers)
July 30-3 – 2018 USAS Junior National Championship in Irvine, CA (Qualifiers)
July 31-4 – Southern Senior Zone Championship in Huntsville, AL (Qualifiers)

BSL Birthdays in March!
1 – Erik Ledvina (11)
11 – Sofia Sanderson (8)
20 – Olivia Carroll (10)

Get USA Swimming DeckPass Program for FREE!
The deck pass program for USA Swimming members has some great new features for all BSL swimmers.  This is a great way to keep track of times and set goals.  You can sign up for FREE at the USA Swimming website by clicking the following link: