May 2016 Swimmers of the Month

May 2016 Swimmers of the Month

These swimmers were chosen by our coaching staff on the basis of their attendance, attitude, effort and performance in the month of April.  Congratulations, everyone!

National - Ashley Sennett.  Ashley is having a stellar season thus far, already setting herself on her way toward success with 100% best times at the BASS Long Course meet.  She dropped 12 seconds in her 400 free, 6 seconds in her 200 IM, 5 in her 100 fly, and 4 seconds each in her 200 back, 200 fly, and 200 free.  Her attendance has been excellent, and she has been training very well.  Keep up the good work Ashley, and fast times are ahead!

Varsity - Ben Bauserman. Ben is not afraid of hard work, and his efforts in  practice propelled him to best times in all his events at the recent BASS long course meet. He earned  three new BB times and showed off improved breaststroke technique, but perhaps his most notable swim was the 100 free. He dropped over 10 seconds in that event which prompted one of the National  swimmers to say, “Wow, Ben’s getting fast!” Ben brings a smile and a good work ethic to the Varsity squad, and he encourages his Varsity teammates with high fives at practice and cheers at meets. Thanks, Ben, for being such a positive addition to LY, and congratulations!

Gold - Hannah Searwar. It should be no surprise to find another hardworking Searwar as swimmer of the month! Hannah is always working to improve her stroke technique, power and speed. She attends practice consistently and is not fazed by switching lanes or lane mates. She jumps into every set with determination and without complaint. Her quiet nature and easygoing personality are a great addition to the group and help keep it balanced. Congratulations, Hannah! Keep up the good work!

Silver- Josh Park. It's been a great winter for Josh and this spring he has really hit his stride in practice. He has continued to improve all season getting stronger, faster, and better in each stroke. The biggest change has been his confidence to take on any challenge in practice. When we do an "impossible" set (something they shouldn't be able to do) he is the first to push off and he usually is the one that makes it. Everything is possible if you believe you can do it.

Bronze  - Josh Sweeney. He was not only the first and only Bronze swimmer to take the challenge of swimming the Richmond long course meet, but he has continued to make steady improvements in every practice he attends. As he was preparing for the meet we talked about the Olympic length of the pool and how he would have to really work hard to make that distance. After the meet I asked him how it felt to swim an Olympic pool and his simple answer was that is was FUN. Swimming is fun no matter how big the challenge if your mindset is right.