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TBAY Tops $106,000 for Swim Across America (Tampa Bay)

May 21, 2016, Clearwater Beach, FL – The swimmers, coaches and supporters of Tampa Bay Aquatics (TBAY) joined local swimmers, cancer survivors and professionals from Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, in an open water swim fundraiser at Clearwater Beach benefiting Moffitt. Participants swam either a half-mile, mile or 2.4 miles off the beach at Pier 60. All the swimmers solicited contributions and pledges in support of their swim. The fundraiser was administered by Swim Across America, Inc., which hosts a number of swimming events across the country to raise awareness and support for cancer research, prevention and treatment.

Swim Across America has raised more than $60 million nationally for cancer research and treatment and over $614,000 locally for Moffitt.

Over the past four years, TBAY, through the efforts of its swimmers, coaches and supporters, has contributed over $106,000 to the total raised by the Clearwater event and is the largest local contributor.