USA Regionals

We would like to recognized the following divers who competed in Regions 5 and 6.  Congratulations on your finish and to those who advance to Zones.  We are proud of your accomplishments.

IISD Board

Region 6 Results

11-u Girls

Hannah Brown FW – 2nd 1m

12-13 Girls

Kaitlin Simons NR – 7th 1m

Eric Lucas Rich – 11th 1m,  9th 3m

14-15 Girls

Mallory Walker FW – 1st 1m, 1st 3m

Maddie Gleave FW – 2nd 1m, 12th 3m

Anna Yaggy FW – 9th 1m,  5th 3m

Kaylie Cripe FW – 18th 1m, 15th 3m

16-18 Girls

Jackie Brenn FW -  4th 1m,  4th 3m

Kayla Luarde FW - 6th 1m,  6th 3m

Mary Grossman NR – 9th 1m,  8th 3m

Rylee Dahlman NR – 16th 1m, 14th 3m

11-U Boys

Aurie Laisure FW – 3rd 1m,  2nd 3m

Josh Sollenberger FW – 2nd 1m,  3rd 3m

12-13 Boys

Quinton Jones Rich – 5th 1m,  6th 3m

14-15 Boys

Jonathan Jellison Centerville/Richmond 7th 1m

16-18 Boys

Noah Marble FW – 4th 1m,  3rd 3m

Blake Childress UI – 9th 1m,  5th 3m

Logan Brown NR – 5th 1m,  8th 3m


Team Champions Region 6 – IISD


Region 5 Results

12-13 Girls

Daryn Wright IUPUI –  1st 1m, 1st 3m, 1st Platform

Mikayla Zick IUPUI – 4th 1m, 3rd 3m, 2nd Platform

Delaney Housel UI – 10th 1m,  6th 3m

Gracie Hurley UI – 6th 1m, 10th 3m

14-15 Girls

Evelyn Geier UI – 12th 1m, 8th 3m

Kristina Zick IUPUI – 11th 1m, 9th 3m, 7th Platform

Sarah Ballard UI – 16th 1m, 10th 3m

Kamryn Blake UI – 17th 1m, 18th 3m

16-18 Girls

Dayana Popa IUPUI – 6th 1m, 4th 3m, 2nd Platform

Cortnee Williams UI – 9th 1m, 9th 3m

Molly Fears UI – 8th 1m, 13th 3m

Grace Tiernon IUPUI – 23rd 1m, 19th 3m, 3rd platform

14-15 Boys

Colin Stacey UI – 12th 1m,  10th 3m

16-18 Boys

Isaac Khamis IUPUI – 3rd 1m,  3rd 3m, 1st Platform


IISD placed 4th in Region 5