May Swimmers of the Month


National- Ian Johnston
Ian had a great month of practice both in the water and at cross fit.  He has had nearly perfect attendance and has well by example.  He had several best times at the GPAC meet and the PAAC IMX Meet.  With how hard he has been working at practice, I am looking forward to seeing his results this summer.  Congrats, Ian!

Senior- Amanda Svetz
Amanda has transitioned from Gold to Senior very smoothly.  On a daily basis, Amanda has been giving it 100% at practice and cross fit.  Amanda dropped a whopping 6 seconds in her 500 free at the IMX meet and swam well at the GPAC Derby as well.  She always comes to practice with a positive attitude and is very motivated to improve.  Great work!

Gold- Sabastian Solarte
Sabastian worked very hard over the course of the month.  He had very good attendance at practice and has consistently been leading his lane.  Sabastian dropped a lot of time during two test sets this month, and also had a very good meets at GPAC and IMX, obtaining nearly all best times at both meets.  Most importantly, he has developed into a leader for the group.  I am looking forward to his long course results and continued success.

Silver- Simone Lin
Silver Group's swimmer of the month for May was Simone Lin.  Having just moved up from the Bronze group this Spring, Simone showed she would require no transition period as she took on the tougher workouts with ease.  Her hard work is definitely paying off, as she earned numerous JO cuts as well as a Zone cut at the GPAC Long Course Derby.  Simone also continued to cut away at her best short course times at our PAAC-hosted meets.  Simone has clearly shown that she is one of the elite 9-10 girls in the Mid-Atlantic, and we look forward to her continued success! Way to go Simone!

Bronze – CeCe Traub
CeCe had a perfect month of May. She competed in all 3 swim meets, and swam a total of 17 events. When she touched the timing pad for the final time in the month of May, she had achieved personal best times in all 17 events! There were several highlights. For one, she dropped over 17 seconds in the 100 Fly at the Friday Night at the Races Meet. At the GPAC LCM Derby Meet, she achieved “A” times in the 200 Free and the 100 Breast. And finally, at the IMX meet, she was within .22 seconds of achieving a JO cut in the 100 Breast, which is lofty achievement for a 9 year old. One final note is something she probably achieves every month, and that is, near perfect attendance at practice.

STARs- Maya Molnar
I am very happy to announce the swimmer of the month for May is Maya Molnar. She has come a very long way since starting with PAAC. She recently swam in her first PAAC meet, which is huge accomplishment for any swimmer in STARs. Everyday Maya comes ready for practice with eagerness to learn and improve. Her attendance is near perfect and one of the best in the group. It has truly been a pleasure to coach Maya and I’m very excited to see what the future holds. Congrats Maya!

Instructional-  Brady Willard
I am very excited to announce that Brady is the instructional swimmer of the month for May. He has improved immensely these past few weeks, now leading his lane in practice every session. Brady is one the top swimmers when it comes to group attendance.  This has greatly helped him achieve improvement on all of his strokes and technique. He is always excited to swim and a great pleasure to coach. Congrats Brady!