Swimmers Receive National Recognition

A big congratulations to swimmers Emily Haudek, Jake Riva, and Abbey Gardner who have been recognized by National YMCA Competitive Swimming And Diving for their accomplishments during the 2015-2016 Short Course Season. We recently received the following letter:


Congratulations!  One or more of your swimmers has achieved a YMCA Top 10/16 time in the 2015-2016 competitive season. As a result of their achievement, your swimmers [have been awarded] a YMCA Swim Times Recognition certificate.

As background, coaches from across the country have submitted meet results from 129 YMCA Championships, USA-S meets and YMCA Invitationals.  The 129 meets represent 503 YMCA teams and more than 26,000 swimmers.

After processing, 193 teams with over 1,200 swimmers have achieved Top 10/16 times – with over 2,600 Top 10/16 recognized times.

Congratulation to your swimmers and your team.

Claudia Multer & Tom Warrick
Co-chairs for YMCA Top 10/16 Times Recognition

National YMCA Competitive Swimming And Diving”


We are thrilled with this latest recognition from an already successful season. Great job swimmers; your certificates will be delivered to you shortly.