Final Day Junior Olympics

Junior Olympics - Day 4

On the last day of the Junior Olympic meet, Bison swimmers continued to be rockstars in the pool. Each day at the pool they have performed well and have kept us cheering in the stands. Day 4 proved to be no different. Our swimmers put on quite the show with some very impressive races all day. As a parent sitting in the stands it was particularly fun to watch JC coach both his girls to 1st place in their finals heats - Halee with a very exciting 200 back win in her A final and Ruthie in an equally exciting 100 fly win in the B final.

An interesting thing happened on the morning of day 4 - a swimmer from another team approached our coaches’ table and spoke to them about how great it was to see and hear our whole team cheering each other on. They were also impressed with how our parents cheered on all of our swimmers. She asked if our team would cheer for her, as she was not feeling that kind of support for her whole team. So when it came time for that girl to swim her race, coach Mahlik gathered the swimmers to cheer her on ... of course they also cheered for their team mate who was in the same heat. It was a neat thing and truly embodies the Olympic spirit and the core values of our team!

In the end Bison Aquatic Club came in 5th place overall with an impressive points total of 1798.5. What is so impressive about this is that Bison Aquatic Club is one team while many of the top teams are made up of kids from all over their geographical area, from several teams and for some the first time they meet each other is at the actual Junior Olympics venue. And those teams are huge - some of them had 4 relay teams in each age group. Our Bison swimmers are a force to be reckoned with! George Glover vii was our male top points swimmer with 200 points and younger sister Caroline Glover was our female top points swimmer with 97 points.

The team has had a list of medal and ribbon winners each day of the Junior Olympics, but that is not all that was accomplished at the meet. There were personal best times being recorded by so many of our swimmers - it was hard to keep track of them all! A huge congratulations to all of our swimmers and a special thank-you to our amazing coaches - JC, Terry, Melissa, Josh and Mahlik.

8 and under results
50 Breast stroke (M) - Braden Nieves 14th

10 and under results
100 back (F) - Caroline Glover 6th, Alex Lane 9th
100 fly (F) - Caroline Glover 2nd, Alex Lane 6th
100 Free (F) - Caroline Glover 9th, Alex Lane 12th

9-10 results
50 breast stroke (M) - Avery Flowers 16th

11-12 results
100 back (M) - Connor Mills 14th
50 breast stroke (F) - Jordan Brenning 11th
50 breast stroke (M) - Connor Mills 11th
100 fly (F) - Ruthie Riley 9th

13-14 results
200 back (M) - George Glover vii 1st, Ryan Harris 6th
200 fly (M) - George Glover vii 1st
100 free (M) - George Glover vii 1st, Ryan Harris 9th

15-18 Results
200 back (F) - Halee Riley 1st, Kierstyn Cleaves 13th
200 back (M) - Matt Townsend 1st, Ryan Dillow 5th
100 breast stroke (F) - Ryanne Vance 8th, Halee Riley 12th
100 breast stroke (M) - Connor Hill 4th, Jake Caldwell 12th
100 free (F) - Ryanne Vance 1st
100 free (M) - Matt Townsend 3rd, Ryan Dillow 4th, Jake Caldwell 11th, C.J. Clark 15th

Relay Team results
200 Free
9-10 (F) took 4th (Caroline Glover, Kailey Nader, Alex Lane, Laney Hull)
11-12 (F) took 9th (Ruthie Riley, Jordan Brenning, Olivia Lounsbery, Addie Hull)
13-14 (F) A Team took 6th (Hannah Brenning, Jessica Vaughan, Trysta Duerson, Kristen Nieves)
13-14 (F) B team took 13th (Rhandall Freeman, Grace Davis, Riley Mills, Allie Schein)
13-14 (F) C team took 15th (Rachel vanderkooi, Lauren Gabbard, Lorelei Potter, Rachel Dennison)
13-14 (M) took 2nd (George Glover vii, Ryan Harris, Hayden Burchfield, Brandon Townsend)
15-18 (F) A team took 4th (Ryanne Vance, Brynnan Duncan, Jizelle Childers, Olivia Smaok)
15-18 (F) B team took 8th (Kierstyn Cleaves, Jordan Farmer, Sydney Brenning, Halee Riley)
15-18 (M) A team took 2nd (Ryan Dillow, Jake Caldwell, Matt Townsend, C.J. Clark)

200 Medley
10 and under A team took 4th (Alex Lane, Kailey Nader, Caroline Glover, Laney Hull)
10 and under B team took 12th (Karys Barreda, Josie Hull, Taylor Andrade, Kate Davis)
11-12 (F) A team took 5th (Olivia Lounsbery, Jordan Brenning, Ruthie Riley, Addie Hull)
13-14 (F) A team took 8th (Hannah Brenning, Kristen Nieves, Trysta Duerson, Rhandall Freeman)
13-14 (F) B team took 11th (Riley Mills, Lorelei Potter, Jessica Vaughan, Grace Davis)
13-14 (F) C team took 14th (Lauren Gabbard, Allie Schein, Rachel vanderkooi, Rachel Dennison)
13-14 (M) took 3rd (Ryan Harris, Brandon Townsend, George Glover vii, Hayden Burchfield)
15-18 (F) A team took 3rd (Halee Riley, Ryanne Vance, Jizelle Childers, Brynnan Duncan)
15-18 (F) B team took 9th (Kierstyn Cleaves, Sydney Brenning, Jordan Farmer, Olivia Smoak)