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Annual Swim Banquet a Success!

Annual Swimmer Recognition Banquet a Success!

Thank you Booster Club for taking on the task of organizing the Swimmer Banquet this year so the Coaches could enjoy a vacation.

Thank you Coaching Staff for your dedication to the job and love for the children!  Ambush Swimming is blessed to have so many ambitious “Team Players” working hard every day to do their best to help the swimmers learn and excel.  The results are showing.

Our key note speaker, Dr. Eddy Furniss echoed many of the values stressed by the United States Swimming curriculum adopted by Coach Roth and Staff.  Those messages included desire, belief, TEAM, hard work, and excellence!... associated stories such as "General Sherman"....  

The following are a collection of the many swimmer recognitions:

Most Improved Summer League Swimmers:  Jackson Weibe, Delaney Armstrong, John Kimbrough, Brianna Macias, Jacob Weibe, Aubrey Ramsey, Sarah Freeman, and Darrien Guzinsky.



Most Improved Year Round Swimmers:  Caleb Beauregard, Amelia Battles, Santos Mejia, Katie Cook, Aiden Schultz, Hannah Richey, Whit Wesoloski, Hailey Goggans, Jorge Lopez, and Metteson Wesoloski.

Swimmer of the Year recognition:  Preston King, Marley McCarty, George Middlebrook, Ella Richards, Andrew Lanigan, Kasidy Lazarine, Evan Dorman, Diana Kolb, Nolan Craft, and Hannah Flynt.

IM Ready Swimmers:  Brandon Carrillo, Ella Richards, Quint Middlebrook, Adeline Carrillo, Kasidy Lazarine, Andrew Lanigan, Natalie Naramore, Will Lanigan, Sarah Hutchison, and Jorge Lopez.

IMXtreme Swimmers:  Kasidy Lazarine, Andrew Lanigan, Will Lanigan, Sarah Hutchison, Daniel Fryar, Nolan Craft, and Jorge Lopez.


Power Team 100+:  Jacob Hufstetler, Natalie Naramore, Wilson Bertin, Hannah Richey, Alyssa Becnel, Carlos Gracia, Will Lanigan, Aubrey Goates, Jackson Castleberry, Andrew Lanigan, Jessie Livin, Tread Woodard, Jared Middleton, Devin Williams, Reagan Zbylot, and Rene Gracia.

Power Team 1000+:  Nolan Craft, Joey Middleton, Seth Petersen, Diana Kolb, Evan Dorman, Jorge Lopez, Lucas Stanley, Hailey Goggans, Jesse Stovall, Josh Simmons, Valentin Scognamilo, Whit Wesoloski, Daniel Fryar, Sarah Hutchison, Matteson Wesoloski, Dean Lamont, Gunnar Smith, Zach Rankin, Ben Irwin, Adeline Carillo, Davis Pierce, Sylvie Gowin, Seth Kreid, and Isabella Carrillo.

Power Team 2000+:  Holly Ratcliff, Kasidy Lazarine, and Hannah Flynt.