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Trouble Receiving Emails?

Trouble Receiving Emails?

We occasionally hear from families they aren't receiving messages sent from Team Unify. These are emails coming from coaches, parent volunteers or YMCA staff sent via Team Unify and include @teamunify.com in the sender's email from address.

Usually what we find is the email recipients' email service has identified mail coming from @teamunify.com as "SPAM" and is either rejecting messages or automatically moving them into the junk email folder. Some tips on avoiding the issue:

  • Add "notifications+iawyst@teamunify.com" to your email address book and mark as a safe sender if your email provider allows.
  • Is your email service flags emails as JUNK or SPAM be sure to remove that flag from any email sent that includes @teamunify.com.
  • Regularly check your junk mail if you suspect you aren't receiving messages. Some email services may decline to even place the message in your junk mail, so not foolproof but good to check
  • Consider including multiple email addresses within your account profile. The login email and any subsequent email addresses added to your account will automatically receive all system, event and coach emails/notifications. Might be a good idea to have a back up address if you are using an email service like AOL, MSN or other.

When team emails are sent we always post them under News (usually same day) and include any attachments. So if you miss a message you should be able to find them in archived online. Messages that are sent that announce information about meets like warm up times, event and relay reports, or other meet updates should also always be posted within the actual event under Meets/Event tab. 

Troubleshooting Tips

You can find more information on how to troubleshoot spam/junk email from your particular email service provider. Here are some quick links we found when we Googled it:


If you have any questions or notice issues receiving emails please let Celia Richards know so she can assist you with troubleshooting. You may contact her at iowabuzzbee@msn.com or by phone at 515-975-9181.