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41st Washington Open

Washington Open

In the 41st running of the Washington Open THSC took 3rd place. This was the best team finish in recent years. While this is not a major focus meet, as we have finals and are in the middle of the HS swim season, this is a great indication of where we are.

Hopefully everyone knows what they need to do in the next few months to fine tune their events and get ready for the final Championship meets.


OSI Record: Emily Cook’s lead off in the 100BK, not a team record as OSI doesn’t recognize High School times but we do! Keaton’s 100BK time from last year is a couple tenth faster.

THSC Record: Caspar’s 100BR beating Gabe Rooker by :03

Caspar’s Top 10 swim in the 100FR

New Cuts: here

So many new cuts!

Ethan and Uriel had mega time drops in the 500FR both going 4:43 to get the sectional cuts

Trent’s 400IM a long time coming drop of 9 seconds to get the sectional cut.

Keren’s OSI A time in the 50FR

Caspar’s SC National cut in the 100BR

Evan’s 20.7 Short course Jr’s cut.

New Cut tally



Futures: 4

Sectionals: 10

AG Regionals 3

Zone: 10

OSI-A: 4

Top 3 finishes:

Caspar 50FR 3rd, Caspar 100FR 2nd

Caitlyn 500FR 3rd, 200FL 2nd

Evan 100FL 1st, 200FL 2nd

Trent 200FR 3rd, Emily 100BK 3rd


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