Bill Hudson Memorial Meet

Congratulation to the swimmers that participated at the Bill Hudson Memorial Swim Meet in Los Alamos, NM this weekend. The team was represented by 10 AWESOME swimmers, a lot of personal best times were achieved at the meet. Meet highlights Dillon Brown finished 3rd on his 50 FR, 100 BK, 50 FL, 2nd on 100 FR, 4th on 50 BK, 100 IM and 1st on 200 FR, Aricela Chavez finished 11th on her 50 FR, 200 IM, 10th on 100 FR, 9th on 100 BK, 7th on 50 BR, 5th on 200 BK and 1st on 400 IM, Grac ie Goler finished 4th on her 200 IM, 100 IM, 3rd on 100 FL, 2nd on 50 FR, 50 BR and 1st on 200 FR, Sarah Martinez finished 18th on her 25 FR and 17th on her 25 BK, Maye Montoya finished 26th on her 50 FR, 100 FR, 19th on her 50 BK, 18th on 100 IM, 16th on 50 FL, 14th on 50 BR and 8th on 100 BR, Ashley McMains finished 4th on her 100 FR, 3rd on 500 FR, and 2nd on 50 FR, 100 BK and 200 BK, Samuel Montoya finished 19th on his 25 FR and 21 on his 25 BK, Roman Quintana finished 23rd on his 50 FR, 22nd on 100 FR, 14th on 50 BR and 12th on 100 IM, Estevan Salazar finished 7th on his 50 BR, 50 FL, 100 FR, 4th on 500 FR, 100 FL and 100 IM, Nathan Hernandez finished 3rd on his 50 FR, and 2nd on 100 BK, 100 FR, 100 FL, 200 FR and 100 IM. Our swimmers performance was outstanding, the coaching staff is very pleased and look forward to an AWESOME season.