January Swimmers of the Month

National: Danny Berlitz
Danny had a great month of training.  He competed at the CAT Al Soltis Meet with the National and Senior Groups where he placed 3rd for the High Point awards.  This was a meet hosted by a Gold Medal Club and had high level competition, so this accomplishment was very impressive.  Danny continues to lead daily with his positive attitude.  Great job!

Senior: Tim Sechler-Stone
Tim has been swimming very well in competition.  He had three personal best times at the PAAC Winter Meet.  Tim also went to Clearwater, Florida with the National and Senior Groups.  At that meet, he had 9 best times, including a 24 second drop in the 200 Fly.  Excellent work, Tim, keep it up!
Gold: Justin Toomey
Justin is a work horse at practice.  He always pushes himself and does whatever he can to make even the most challenging of intervals.  Justin had 4 best times at the PAAC Winter Meet.  At the Mid-Winter Classic Meet, Justin had best times in every event he swam.  He broke the team record in the 200 Fly by 3 seconds and also the 100 Fly record.  Just dropped a whopping 18 seconds in his 500 Free to go a 5:10.  He won the high point award for his age group.  Awesome work, Justin!
Silver: Jovannie Avila
Jovannie practiced very hard this past month.  He has had consistent attendance and is always leading his lane.  Jovannie had 4 lifetime best times at the PAAC Winter Meet, including a 25 second drop in his 200 backstroke.  He also had a fantastic meet at the Mid-Winter Classic meet, dropping in nearly every event.  He notably placed 2nd in the 100 Free and dropped nearly 14 seconds in his 200 IM.  Great job, Jovannie!
Bronze: Samantha Jo Mikovsky
The month of January was a busy month for most of the Bronze Group swimmers as they had 3 meets, 3 weekends in a row. It is difficult to shine in consecutive weeks, but Sammy Jo stood head and shoulders above the rest. She had the most personal bests and dropped the most time of any Bronze Group swimmer during the 3-week period. Some of her best swims included 10-second drops in both the 200 Free and the 200 IM. She also achieved a Silver cut in the 100 Backstroke. Sammy Jo continues to work hard to improve, and she has been rewarded with her efforts. The greatest reward was finishing in 1st place at the Middle Atlantic Mid-Year Championships in the 200 Breast for 11-12 year-old girls. Congratulations to Sammy Jo!
STARs: Will Harris
It’s a pleasure to have Will back at practice for the Winter session. He has had great attendance, always leading his lane, and really taking the time to focus on his stroke and techniques. All of his hard work these past few months has really shown, recently Will achieved all best times at the Alloy Alliance Championship, coming in first place in all of his events. Congratulations Will! I’m excited to see what the rest of this season will look like.
Instructional: Sania Kadhiwala
Sania has been with PAAC for a few months now. She has one of the best attendance records in the Instructional group. I always find it a pleasure to coach Sania because she is always attentively listening to my direction. She try’s her very hardest each and every day at practice, which has been paying off greatly. Recently, Sania began competing at swim meets. In the past four months she has attended three swim meets! That is a huge accomplishment for a swimmer at this level. Not only has she participated in the swim meets but she has completed three out of the four strokes legally! I am extremely proud of Sania’s accomplishments this far. Congrats Sania and keep up the great work!!