Follow RICE athletes at TAGS & NCSA with new social media!

Follow RICE athletes at TAGS & NCSA with new social media!


As we roll into spring, RICE will be sending 9 athletes to the annual TAGS meet and 1 athlete to the NCSA Junior National Meet.  We’re excited for these athletes and hope to add a few more to each meet a year from now, and use this summer as a qualifying period, in order to plan more than a few months out. Below is some information on how to follow each meet.

TAGS Event Page


NCSA Event Page 


New RICE Snapchat account

RICE will start a new social media venture with a team Snapchat account. With the popularity of Snapchat, it’s the most practical and useful means of communication to showcase our team in a positive manner. It’s our intent to experiment with it during the TAGS & NCSA meets and decide how to best use this technology in the future. Procedures and intent has been verified with USA-S Safe Sport & Marketing departments to keep SafeSport guidelines in place.


Goals of this project:

1.       Professional, Accessible, and Transparent electronic communication – Keep electronic communication between athletes & coaches responsible and professional.

2.       Bring the sights, sounds, and spirit of the meet and team travel to our members back home in Houston – Keep the many different parts of the team connected together.

3.       Showcase & recognize new achievement, team cohesiveness, and what fun it is to be a part of these experiences.

4.       Content of Snapchat will mirror content on current RICE Social Media.

  Rice Electronic Communication Policy


Here’s how it will work:

·         Throughout the meet, RICE will add pictures & videos to their “story”.

·         Athletes & parents (A&P) may add RICE as a friend – allows A&P to see new story updates.

·         RICE will not add A&P in return, nor will RICE send A&P any Snaps.

·         Communication is 1-way only. We post; followers view. That’s it!

·         RICE privacy settings are set to:

o    Send me snaps: My friends

o    View my story: Everyone

o    Username: RiceAquatics

o    Name: Rice Aquatics

·         According to their website. Snapchat is not intended for children under 13. If your athlete is under 13, please show your athlete how to use this responsibly and share all of the fabulous stories throughout the week!


Regular practice will resume March 20. Have a safe and happy spring break!