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KKW Travels 17 to Craig Winter Games

Winter Games South (Craig) January 14-15, 2017 (17 swimmers)

KKW brought 17 swimmers to Craig in January for the Winter Games South invitational meet. Out of 136 swims, Killer Whales improved in 52 of their races for an improvement rate of 38% for new best times.


Kari Klinger won her 9-10 age group in the 100 back with a 2:09.11, and improved her best times in all seven events she swam over the weekend - totaling 8.16 seconds. Aurora Scott traveled to her first swim meet this weekend, and won her 9-10 age group in the 50 back with a time of 46.53. She also improved her best times in three events, with the largest improvement of 2.80 seconds in the 50 back. Zoe Spencer earned 1st place finishes in all nine of her events over the weekend, dropping time in five events. Her most notable drop was 1 minute 3.65 seconds in the 1650 free. Vanessa Wood won her 11-12 age group in three events: the 50 free, 50 back, and 100 back. She had a great weekend, dropping in all nine of her events and earning all new best times. She shaved off 16.13 seconds total, with the largest drop at 7.30 seconds in the 200 free.


Mason Avila traveled to his first meet, and swam hard - earning 1st place in all of his 8 & Under events. He improved his 50 backstroke time by 9.14 seconds and improved in 3 other events. Lucas Buker earned five 3rd place and three 4th place finishes in his events over the weekend, and earning 3 bests time (200 free, 50 breast, 100 fly) and dropping 7.14 seconds total. Levi Buker earned 1st place place in all of his events for the 11 & Over and 13 & Over age groups.   Evan Dash scored two 2nd place, one 3rd place, and one 4th place finish at the meet and improved his 100 free time by 0.68 seconds.   Trevor Dash did very well in his 9-10 age group, scoring six 1st place and two 2nd place finishes. He earned best times in seven of his eight events, with the biggest time drop in the 500 free, shaving off 27.58 seconds.   Gavin Harold traveled to his first swim meet with KKW, and finished well in his events with one 4th place, two 3rd place, three 2nd place, and two 1st place finishes. He earned best times in 3 of his events, dropping 5.19 seconds total. Kyan Klinger earned six 1st place, one 2nd, and three 3rd place finishes, dropping his best time in the 200 back by 5.75 seconds to a 2:53.66. Larry Kuharich improved his best times in three events over the weekend, with biggest drop in the 50 back by 4.56 seconds. His highest finish was 2nd place in four events (50 free, 100 back, 50 breast, 100 fly). Aidan Miller swam two personal best times in the 200 breast and 400 IM, racking up six 1st place and four 2nd place finishes over the weekend. He shaved off 18.59 seconds in the 200 breast. In his first travel meet of the season, David Rasmussen focused on his freestyle and backstroke events. His highest finish was 3rd in the 100 back with a time of 2:00.82, and shaved off 9.94 seconds in the 200 free. Owen Woodward had a great weekend, placing highest at 2nd in the 50 back and improving his best time in four events. He shaved off a total of 46.62 seconds in his events.