ATAC takes 3rd at the 2017 Spring FL Senior Champs!

ATAC takes 3rd at the 2017 Spring FL Senior Championships

The 2017 Florida Swimming Spring Senior Championship Meet was held Feb. 23 - 26, 2017 in Orlando, FL. This is the short course season-ending championship meet for swimmers 14 and older from across Florida.

This year ATAC sent 27 qualifying swimmers and placed *third overall* as a team out of 53 scoring teams from around the State.  

The ATAC championship team included: Morgan Ayers, Sydney Blair, Christian Bosque, Alec Bowie, Kealyn Bowie, Alex Caspary, Arianna Chambasian, Rafi Chambasian, Emily Chorpening, Sara-kellett Clark, Savanah Crutchfield, Emma Curry, Wyatt Foote, Cole Forbes, Michael Hensley, Stephanie Holmes, Saige Kemeny, Olivia Kercheval-Roig, Brewer Noblin, Ryan Rumana, Virginia Russell, Tristan Sanders, Walker Snowden, Tara Stevens,  Ryland Sun, Ben Wurgler and John Yambor-Maul.

Bringing home honors by placing in the top three (Gold, Silver, or Bronze) in an individual event were:

Stephanie Holmes, Girls 15-16 1000 yard freestyle, Gold; 1650 free, Silver; 500 free, Bronze.
Saige Kemeny, Girls 15-16 100 breast, Gold; 200 breast, Silver.
Ryland Sun, Boys 15-16 50 back, Gold; 100 back, Silver; 100 fly, Silver; 50 free, Bronze.
Cole Forbes, Boys 15-16 1650 free, Silver; 1000 free, Bronze.
Wyatt Foote, Boys Open 200 breast, Bronze.

There were three new all-time ATAC records set during the meet:

Stephanie Holmes, Girls 15-16 1000 yard freestyle (9:50.45),
Cole Forbes, Boys 15-16 1650 yard freestyle (15:42.46), and
Ryland Sun, Boys 15-16 50 back (23.81).

In addition, the following swimmers scored points for ATAC by placing top 16 in an individual event:

14-16 Girls
Kealyn Bowie, 1000 free, 6th; 200 free, 14th; 1650 free, 12th; 500 free, 7th.
Stephanie Holmes, 200 free, 5th; 400 IM, 6th.
Saige Kemeny, 400 IM, 8th; 200 fly, 9th.
Olivia Kercheval-Roig, 500 free, 5th; 200 fly, 7th; 200 free, 15th.
Virginia Russell, 50 free, 7th.

Girls open
Morgan Ayers, 100 breast, 4th; 200 back, 16th; 200 breast, 9th; 200 IM, 14th.
Emily Chorpening, 1650 free, 6th; 1000 free, 7th; 500 free, 8th; 400 IM, 15th.
Sara-kellett Clark, 1000 free, 6th; 1650 free, 4th.
Savanah Crutchfield, 200 fly, 14th.
Emma Curry, 1000 free, 14th.

14-16 Boys
Alex Caspary, 1000 free, 16th; 1650 free, 16th.
Cole Forbes, 200 fly, 16th; 200 free, 15th; 500 free, 5th.
Ryland Sun, 200 back, 8th.

Boys open
Rafaele Chambasian, 1650 free, 6th; 1000 free, 12th; 100 breast, 7th; 200 breast, 8th; 400 IM, 8th; 500 free, 16th.
Wyatt Foote, 100 breast, 5th; 200 back, 15th; 200 IM, 7th; 400 IM, 6th.
Michael Hensley, 50 breast, 9th.
Tristan Sanders, 100 back, 13th; 200 back, 14th.
John Yambor-Maul, 1000 free, 5th; 100 fly, 15th; 200 fly, 14th; 200 free, 10th; 50 free, 12th; 500 free, 9th.

Way to go, ATAC!