March Newsletter

Founder’s Day

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for the Cyclones! After great results at Area 2/Senior Champs, we went straight into prepping for Founder’s Day.  Thanks for all the stuffed toys, we could not run the game booth without your donations.  

Our “Finding Dory” float was beautiful! The fish and coral were awesome (thanks Coach Jill & James) and the umbrella jellyfish were so cool (thanks Sarah)!  We had a great turnout for the parade, thank you to all the swimmers and parents who came out to represent the Cyclones.

Our food and game booths at Brian Piccolo Park were very popular. We sold a lot of burgers and sno-cones, and kids were lining up to toss bean bags to win stuffed toys.  As usual, our volunteer swimmers and parents worked hard flipping burgers, awarding prizes and serving customers.  

New Practice Schedule

Starting Monday, April 3rd, we are making a few changes to the schedule; mostly to accommodate our middle school swimmers who have trouble making it to 4pm practice.  We have also posted the summer schedule beginning June 12.  Please visit our website at and go to Practice Schedule.  

Ice Cream Party, Weds March 22nd

We are having an ice cream party on Wednesday for our swimmers, to say goodbye to short course season and welcome long course season!  Each group will have ice cream and cookies after they practice

Polar Water Bottles

We are ordering personalized water bottles for $20 each, which have to be pre-ordered and pre-paid.  We are going to submit the order when we get to 25 bottles, please give completed forms with payment to a coach or a board member.  Forms are here –

Text notifications

We have had several requests to start using text notifications.  This is especially important as we enter the rainy season where afternoon thunderstorms will cause last-minute cancellations.  We would like to roll this out by mid-April. Please log in to our website, click "My Account" on the right and under "Account Contact Information" enter your SMS number and Carrier.  You can enter 2 different numbers on this screen.  You can also set up your child's phone number, click the Members tab and enter SMS and Carrier. We will let you know when we are going live with texts.

Important Dates 

Weds, March 22 – Ice Cream Party for all groups

Mon, April 3 – New practice schedule starts, check our website

Fri, April 7 - Sizzler Meet at Sunrise

Fri, April 14 – Deadline to enter IM Ready Meet at Sunrise (April 28-30)

Fri, April 21 – Sun, April 23 – GCST Spring Invite at Fort Myers