April 15th through April 19th I was privileged to attend the 2017 CARIFTA Swimming Championships hosted by the Bahamas Swimming Federation in Nassau, Bahamas.  The meet was attended by 26 islands around the Caribbean and the competition was fierce.  All three teams in Cayman came together as team Cayman to collect 50 medals and place 3rd overall!  It was an amazing showcase of talent and teamwork from the kids and a wonderful experience for everyone.

CBAC had 13 swimmers attend the meet: Avery Lambert, Sophie Ellison, Carmella Ylagan, Finn Bishop, Stefano Bonati, Jackson Haywood Crouch, Emily Link, Holly Stradling, Sabine Ellison, Jordan Crooks, Eddie Weber, Rory Barrett, and Lauren Hew.  These swimmers were a big part in helping the success of Team Cayman and every swimmer from our team contributed to scoring points for the team in either individual events or relays. 

CBAC swimmers who placed in the top 8 in their individual events were: Sabine Ellison- 3rd 200 BR, 2nd 400 IM, 3rd 200 IM, 7th 50 BR, 4th 100 BR.  Avery Lambert- 3rd 50 BK, 2nd 200 FR, 1st 100 BK, 2nd 400 IM, 3rd 200 IM, 6th 100 FR, 2nd 200 FR, 1st 200 BK.  Lauren Hew- 1st 50 BK, 3rd 100 FL, 1st 200 FR, 1st 100 BK, 2nd 200 IM, 1st 100 FR, 1st 400 FR, 1st 200 BK.  Eddie Weber- 7th 200 FR, 3rd 400 IM.  Finn Bishop- 7th 400 IM, 5th 200 FL, 8th 400 FR.  Carmella Ylagan- 6th 50 BR, 4th 100 BR.  Sophie Ellison- 7th 50 BR.  Jordan Crooks- 6th 100 FR, 7th 200 FL.  Holly Stradling- 5th 200 FL.  Rory Barrett- 6th 200 FL.  Stefano Bonati- 8th 200 BK.

CBAC swimmers also contributed to the success of the following relays: 400 FR relay- 2nd 11-12 Girls, 6th 11-12 Boys, 3rd 13-14 Girls, 6th 13-14 Boys, 2nd 15-17 Girls, 6th 15-17 Boys.  400 Medley relay- 1st 11-12 Girls, 6th 11-12 Boys, 4th 13-14 Girls, 7th 13-14 Boys, 5th 15-17 Girls.  Mixed 400 FR relay- 4th 11-12.  800 FR relay-  2nd 13-14 Girls, 5th 13-14 Boys, 2nd 15-17 Girls, 2nd 15-17 Boys.  200 FR relay- 5th 11-12 Girls, 8th 11-12 Boys, 5th 13-14 Girls, 5th 13-14 Boys, 3rd 15-17 Girls, 8th 15-17 Boys.

Way to go CBAC! Way to go Team Cayman!

Coach Caleb