RAC Timing Policy -

2019 RAC Timing Policy


 Squad Reps:

Development  - Amy Nguyen -

Age Group  - Erin Simmons -

Junior       - Kerry Egerton -

                 - Beth Frasco -

Senior/National  - Vicki Bonitatebus -


Volunteer Policy

If you have committed your child to swim a meet, you have also committed that someone in your family will be available to volunteer.  If every family does their part, it will be more equitable for all.  Families with multiple swimmers may volunteer more.  But each family should be prepared to time at each meet – just in case.


This year, all timing spots will be assigned by the squad reps.   Families will be notified of their job by the Thursday before the meet.   After that, you are responsible for finding another family to cover your timing slot, but all switches need to be communicated to the squad reps.


     Head Squad Reps will review the order of events and make every effort to assign families a slot in the session when their children are swimming.  This may not always be possible and should not be counted on when being assigned.


Please Note:

-If you scratch past the deadline of final entry you are still responsible for fulfilling your job assignment or finding a replacement.

( If you don’t fulfill your job responsibility or find a replacement for your role it may result in a  $100 fine the first time and a $150 fine each time thereafter.) These measures need to be in place to cover any fines charged to RAC by the meet host for unfilled job assignments


However, Instead of fines, we are implementing a reward system, where for every session a family times we will place your name in a jar and at the end of the season prizes will be given out!!



-Volunteer Assignments are  per child. A family with three swimmers swimming in one weekend may need to have multiple sessions over the course of the weekend, depending on the number of swimmers attending each meet session.


-If a meet has finals and your child makes finals you must make yourself or a substitute available to volunteer. Volunteering during prelims does not exempt you from a job at finals.

-We will make every effort to divide assignments based on where your child swims in a meet. However, sometimes you might have to time past when your child is finished swimming.

The specifics of how this will work are outlined below. Let your squad rep know if you have any questions.


Job Procedure:

At every USA swimming competition, teams are responsible for providing workers. The number of workers is based on the number of swimmers a team has entered. Parents of any child entered in a meet must be ready and willing to help fulfill this requirement. Below is an explanation of RAC parents’ responsibilities for volunteering at all meets.

Head Squad Rep Roles and Responsibilities:

The Head squad rep has many responsibilities leading up to and during the course of a meet.  Here is a list of only a fraction of what they handle.  

·          Head Squad Reps will assign families the timing slot that directly correlates to when their children are swimming.  (This may not always be possible and should not be counted on when being assigned.)

·          Head Squad Reps keep a master list of families who have and have not fulfilled timing assignments throughout the season.

·          Head Squad Reps are in communication with the coaching staff prior to each meet regarding timelines, job requirements and the posting of the jobs on the website

·       Head Squad Reps track any fines that have been accrued through a meet and/or the season, communicate with the coaching staff as well as the treasurer so these fines can be billed directly.]

Please work with our Head Squad Reps who, just like you, want to give the team the best opportunities to swim fast and achieve their goals.  Become a part of RAC’s mission to “empower swimmers to become champions in and out of the water” by working collaboratively with the Head Squad Reps.

Family Responsibilities:

1) Before the meet check the on deck app or Team unify website. This information will be posted as soon as it is available.  Not being aware of a given timing assignment does not preclude you, the parent, from fulfilling that role.   Please remember that if you have more than one child on the team, you may have more than one assignment.  If you are unsure about your assignment, check with the  Head Squad Rep of that meet.

2) During the meet, our team is responsible for a certain number of jobs.  When our team is assigned two timing slots this means we will need 4-6 timers for the session.   Here is an example timeline of what a typical meet follows as well as the responsibilities of each shift for timers.  Assuming the session will begin at 8:30 am, this is how our shifts and responsibilities will flow.

8:15am - First shift of 2 hours begins.

Parents assigned to the first shift are required to attend a timer’s meeting.  The meeting will typically begin 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet


8:30 am ~ meet starts

10:30 am -  The second shift of timers will relieve the first shift timers.  

Second 2 hour block begins

If we know ahead of time that the meet will run over 4 hours we will add a Third shift of timers.



NOTE: Please remember the timing slot may not always be in 2 hr time increments and if we know that a meet will be longer we will try to make adjustments. If you are assigned a timing slot, you may trade amongst the other families assigned for the weekend. If your child needs to scratch the meet it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Meet entries can be found on our website.

3) Your Trials/Finals Meets (including the championship meets) Timing Assignments: Timing assignment will be assigned as stated above, with the exception of Finals. When swimmers make finals at a Trials/Finals meet our timing assignment for the finals session is based on how many swimmers are swimming in THAT final session.  If you have a swimmer who has made finals and is swimming you will be expected to time. No exceptions. It is best practice to check-in with the head timer to see what the needs are for finals. If you have a swimmer entered in one of the last events of the night at finals, expect that you will have the last timing slot.