RMSC Lisa Coole Memorial Meet Wrap Up
RMSC Lisa Coole Memorial Classic 2017 Meet Wrap-Up
This past weekend was the RMSC Lisa Coole Memorial Classic 2017 Meet and it was an excellent start to our LC season!  We had two swimmers get their very first Regional cuts! Congratulations to Amanda Kinter and Dominic Siwiec!
Swimmers trying new events:
Chloe Albrecht- 50 BR
Cora Albrecht- 500 FR
Alyssa Gooden- 25 FR
Haley Halsall- 200 BK
Isabelle Halsall- 200 BK, 200 IM
Amanda Kinter- 200 IM
Oscar Siwiec- 100 BK
Paige Villeneuve- 100 Fly
Charles Walrod- 100 FR, 50 BK
Molly Wollpert- 200 BK
Swimmers who swam Regional cuts:
Tessa Jones- 200 FR, 50 Fly, 50 FR
Amanda Kinter- 100 FR, 50 Fly
Dominic Siwiec- 50 Fly
Biggest time drop:
Haley Halsall dropped 37.96 seconds in her 200 IM!
Great job to all of our swimmers!
Coach Theresa
~The best things in life are free…
                               back, breast, and fly.~