Former Columbia U Coach Michael Sabala Joins the Wolverines as Senior Coach !
Dear Westchester Aquatic Club Swimmers and Families,
I am very pleased to announce that Michael Sabala will join the Wolverines as the new Head Senior Group coach. Michael will take the lead planning for and coaching the Select National and Senior National groups this fall. I will support Michael on deck with the implementation of his plan for the groups, helping to create a strong and dynamic partnership that we are putting in place to benefit all the swimmers on our team. I will remain the Team's Head Coach and Program Director and want to make sure our swimmers are given the best possible coaching from the day they walk on our deck until they leave for college.
I believe we are moving in the right direction by adding Michael to the staff, enhancing the well-structured and successful age group staff we have with a coach who has experience working with high school, college, and post-graduate athletes. Michael will also bring a strong, insider knowledge into the college process and college recruiting. This spring and summer Michael will be on deck coaching with our team at least 5 sessions each week as he manages and completes responsibilities he made prior to coming on board. He is excited to make the most of our time with our swimmers and I am excited to work with him. 
Michael has coached age group swimmers, senior swimmers, college swimmers, and post-graduates. He is a strong fit for our program because he values our team philosophy of technical excellence and hard work with a clear purpose. Michael's seven years of experience with the women's team at Columbia University brought tremendous success and he learned how to take swimmers who were not expected to win and help them win. He helped make the university's team a destination for bright, hard working swimmers to take their athletic potential to the highest level while keeping academics the priority. Michael's experience at North Baltimore Aquatic Club gave him the insight and experience into how the best team in America at the time positioned and progressed top-tier talent. His time at the Stanford and Auburn swim camps gave him a strong foundation with coaching legends, creating a fire to coach great swimmers and make swimmers great. As a school teacher, masters coach, summer league coach, and swimming teacher, Michael has learned how to take things one day a time while planning for the years ahead. He knows how to speak to our swimmers and he knows how to connect with parents. He is kind, he is honest, he is funny, and he is serious. In 2016, Michael had the privilege of seeing one of his former swimmers, Katie Meili, go on to win gold and bronze at The Olympic Games. He has been by the side of a swimmer and her parents who have gone to the highest level. Katie and the United States Olympic Committee earlier this year designated Michael with the Order of Ikkos, the award given to the designated coach of an athlete who wins a medal at the Olympic Games. I am looking forward to Michael sharing his experience with our team and guiding each of our swimmers along their special and individual path, as each swimmer's journey will be different. However, on our team, I know this path will be marked by hard work, collaboration with parents and swimmers, teamwork, and success.

Michael grew up swimming on Long Island. He graduated with honors from Harvard University in 2002 with a degree in social anthropology and swam on the varsity team for four years. 

Please join me in welcoming Michael to our staff!
Swimmingly Carle