NBC Sports-Zimmer takes All-American talents to Duke

Adam Zimmer takes All-American talents to Duke

Zimmer takes All-American talents to...

MISSOULA, Mont. - After seven state titles in high school to go along with three All-American selections, Missoula Big Sky's Adam Zimmer accomplished nearly everything he could at the high school level.  The next steps for this Eagle now will be over 2,000 miles away as he's signed on to swim at Duke University.

"I loved the campus, it's probably the most beautiful campus I've ever been on," said Zimmer on why he chose to become part of the Blue Devils swim team.  "Definitely their focus on not just athletics but academics too.  Duke definitely wasn't really on my radar until this year, until they emailed me.   I mean I've heard of Duke basketball but never really Duke swimming.  I'm just excited for something different.  I've had the same routine for the last ten years and so just something different with new coaches, new teammates and new experiences."

Zimmer graduates holding the Montana state records for both the 100 breaststroke and the 200 individual medley. He knows the records won't come quite so easily for college in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

"It's going to be some tough competition.  NC State, just ten miles from Duke, is also a really good program.  Duke is getting a lot better too, they had some guys winning the ACC championships and making finals at NCAAs and so I'm really excited."

Zimmer is just one of several recent success stories for Missoula swimming.  Just over the past three years other Garden City products have landed collegiate homes in division one conferences such as the PAC-12, SEC, WAC and the Ivy League.

"We definitely have a great coach.  Dave Berkoff built a great program.  He was an Olympic gold medalist himself and so he really was able to attract kids to the program and keep them interested.  He was also a great coach that was able to get us to the next level."

Adam isn't the first in his family to take their swimming success to a big college program.  His older sister Kate Zimmer just finisher her junior year at Louisiana State University.