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How The Olympic Experience Shaped Jacob Pebley

How the Olympic Experience Shaped Jacob Pebley

Follow the link below and read a great story about Jacob Pebley.  Jacob is partnering with the Tornadoes to do 2 training clinics with all swimmers who sign up!  This fantastic opportunity is just $100 per swimmer and we will bill you over 3 months to help with the cost.  We would love for every swimmer to have this experience, and meet Jacob in person.  Sign up on the website:  Log in, from the home page click the Team Functions tab, and click Edit Committment for the Team USA Olympian Training Clinic.

He has a great story to share about his climb to the Olympics and how it has changed his life.

This opportunity is for every swimmer on the team, every age, every skill level, every group.  This isn't like the typical Olympian clinics.  This is Jacob Pebley working with every group and coach to personalize the experience for everyone.  

Read the article and please share it with your swimmer: