Swordfish shine at June Age Group Championships

Out of 37 Teams, we finished 15th overall with only 13 swimmers. Here are the results below:

Elyse Baker: 13-14 Girls: 15th in the 800 FREE & 11th in the 1500 FR

Emma Bertel: 11-12 Girls: 16th in the 100 BACK, 10th in the 50 Back, 7th in the 100 FR, 16th in he 200 FR and 10th in the 50 FR.

Leah Johnson: 15 & up Girls: 6th in the 400 IM, 13th in 200 Fly and 3rd in the 1500 FR.

Kevin Lee: 11-12 Boys: 6th in the 100 BR, 2nd in the 50 fly, 4th in the 200 IM, 3rd in the 100 FR, 1st in the 100 FLY and 3rd in the 50 FR.

Ryan Novak: 10 & Under Boys: 2nd in the 200 FR, 2nd in the 100 BK, 2nd in the 50 BK, 2nd in the 100 FR and 7th in the 50 FR

Stephanie Su: 15 & up Girls 1st in the 400 IM, 6th in the 200 FLY, 1st in the 1500 FR

Sarah Tran: 13 -14 Girls: 13th in the 200 FR, 11th in the 100 Fly, 13th in the 100 FR, 6th in the 200 Fly and 12th in the 50 FR

Ashley Slaton-Ramos: 13-14 Girls: dropped 1.47 seconds in the 400 IM

Makayla Novak: 11-12 Girls: Dropped half a second in the 50 FLY and earned Summer JO in the 200 FR

Eli Bertel: 13 - 14 Boys: Dropped in all his events, with 100 BR he dropped 4.06 seconds off his personal best time

Carter Kirkpatrick: 15 & up Boys: First time at JAG, placed 24th overall in the 1500 FREE

Anastasia Maniatogiannis: 10 & under Girls: First time at JAG, earning a new personal best time in the 50 BK

Kelsey Paguyo: 10 & under Girls: 9th in 200 FR, 9th in the 50 Fly, 14th in the 50 BK, 5th in the 100 FR, 11th in the 100 FLY, 4th in the 50 FR