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BLUE 2017-2018 Winter Season Registration

BLUE USA-S Team Fall/Winter 2017-18 Season Information available upon request to inquiring swimmers.

Hello BLUE Eagle Swimming Families

While we are focused on and eager to perform well at Champs, it is time for us to announce our registration for the 2017-2018 Winter Season, which will open for active members on July 1.  

In the previous season, BLUE Eagle was easily the most-improved team in Middle Atlantic and one of the most improved teams in the country.  We are looking forward to continuing to develop into one of the best teams in MA swimming. 

Contact BLUE Registrar  HERE for information on the upcoming 2017-2018 season and share with those who may have been asking you about our program.   Fall/Winter 2017-18 Program Packet HERE

Contact  for more information and to register.

BLUE Coaching Staff and Board