PWSL 2017 Week 3 Results

Our first relay league record was broken today. Congrats to Sudley's 11-12 Girls free relay team with swimmers D Palenscar, S. Chierico, M Pennefather, J. Cornwell. The team posted a time of 56:33. We also had 39 team records that fell today.

I like to pay close attention to Piedmont's Emma Hannam as not only breaking Piedmont's Girls 11-12 Breast stroke but also tying the PWSL league record. Looking forward to updating this record in the next few weeks.

On the team front we had some battles for the win. Southbridge swam up a division to edge out Virginia oaks by 36 points. Ashland swam up a division as well to take the final score against Kingsbrooke. Sudley and Bridlewood battled it out with Sudley on top by 86 points. In total we had four meets decided by 156 points or less. We only had one divisional team matchup this week with Piedmont winning vs Braemar. I am sure Braemar is gearing up for the Divisional meet in four weeks. We have four undefeated teams currently. However, two of the teams are paired to swim week 4 together which happens to be a divisional match up. The second divisional match up next week is with Stonewall Park and Montclair. Looking forward to more great meets decided in the final events.. 

Please see the updated  summary sheet for an overview of all the meets.The Top 25 individual times and  Top 15 Relays of the week are also available. This week's cyber meet, league record file and the Excel version of the summary report as well as the mid season reports are  available to the computer reps on this site; while interactive results are available at