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Summer Canadian Junior and Senior Championship competitions


Dear RHAC members, 

RHAC is in its final  stretch of the 2016 - 2017 season. Firstly we will be competing at the Canadian
Junior Championship
 held in Pan Am Scarborough from July 26 - 31. RHAC has qualified 13 swimmers: 
Nicholas Bulban, Zachary Chua, Elbert Chuang, Celeste Hui, Andrew Pignatelli, Richard Ren,
Karian Rusen, Mia Tang, Justin Wang, Matthew Wittmann, Eric Zhang, Andrei Baronow,
Jiwoo Kwon and Raya Kee

A week later we will be off to the Canadian Senior Champs held in Olympic Park in Montreal from
Aug 4 - 7, 2017.  RHAC's qualifier is Elbert Chuang. 
Our training throughout the season is geared towards developing and qualifying for these two most
important meets of each season and also racing successfully when we race there.  RHAC swimmers
race against the finest and fastest Canadian swimmers.  These two National level competitions are
qualifying meets for Junior Pan Pacific and World Champs, Senior Pan Pacific and World Champs and
of course Olympic Games. 

On Behalf of all RHAC coaches
Congratulations to all qualifiers and have great racing at the upcoming Nationals!