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Registration for the Summer sessions will open for returning members on February 15th. Registration for new members will open on March 5th. Registration for the winter season will require payment of any outstanding meet fees or fines published at the time of registration. Please remember that all new registrations must be done in person at the Platte City YMCA Welcome Center. Registrations for members already on the team can be done over the phone with the Platte City YMCA Welcome Center. Below you will find info for the season. Please contact Brent Graham  if you have any questions. We look forward to welcoming you to the Blue Wave Family


How to Register:

1.BE INFORMED - Read over the information below so that you know what to expect out of the season. This is a commitment to make only once you are informed. Please be sure to read our  team handbook whether you are a new or returning member as we have updated the handbook and added some new information. You will be asked to sign off on your agreement to follow team policies and procedures when you register, so please be informed.

2.GET SET - Check your group placement, schedule a new swimmer evaluation or attend stroke clinic. Come on out and give swimming a try. There is now cost to try the team for up to two weeks. If it isn’t your thing or not the right fit for you, walk (or swim) away but we hope to see you back again in the future

3.SIGN UP - Come to the Platte County Community Center North YMCA in Platte City, MO. If you are not already a member our kind, friendly welcome center staff can give you a tour and get you set up. They will also help register you for the season and collect some information to help us get your team account set up. This will give you full access to the team website.

4.LOG IN - Once you receive confirmation of your account log in to complete and confirm your account information. The more information we have in the system the easier it is to communicate with you about the program.

5.MEET THE FAMILY - Attend a parent meeting. Before you begin we will ask that you either attend our pre-season parent meeting or will schedule a time to sit down and speak with you about the team and the season. This gives us a chance to meet you as well as for us to get you the information you need for the season.

6.HAVE FUN!  - Swimming is a big commitment, but it is also BIG FUN! We like to work hard here at Blue Wave but we love to have a good time. When it comes to our team, they can be one and the same.


We look forward to welcoming you into our family and hope to see you soon at the pool!



Summer Season Registration Information

Session: Summer

Dates: April 2nd-August 1st



Stroke Clinic

Dates: March 12, 13, 14, 15, 26, 27 & 28, 2018

Location: Platte County Community Center North

Times: Swimmers 13&O: 4:30p-6:15p; Parents 5:15-6p; Swimmers 12&U: 6p-7:15p




Practices begin ALL @ PCN April 2nd

PracticesBegin @ both locations April 9th

Practices begin ALL @ PCN/Tiffany Springs June 4th

Locations: Platte County Community Center North, Platte County Community Center South & Tiffany Springs

*These calendars are approximations of the weekly calendar until June 4th. An apporximation of the summer calendar will be posted with the meet schedule soon. A weekly calendar will be posted to the team website and should be consulted on a weekly basis for the most up to date information. Practices will not deviate substantially from the schedule however.


Swim Meets:

A copy of the Meet Schedule will be available soon and will be posted on our website  here.



Fee schedules are dependent upon the practice group that your child is assigned. Any outstanding obligations from the previous season must be paid at the time of registration.  Once registered for a session, a swimmer is responsible for all fees for that session. Termination of membership from the team does not terminate responsibility for these fees or their Y membership


2017-18 Fees List:

BWST Swimmer Registration Fee - $90 – Annual Fee (Includes 3 Team Shirts & 2 Team Caps this season)

USA Swimming Registration Fee - $64 – Annual Fee

Monsoon Practice Fees – W $225; S $240 – Practice Fee

Typhoon Practice Fees – W $245; S $260 – Practice Fee

Hurricane Practice Fees – W $282; S $300 – Practice Fee

Orange Practice Fees – W $282; S $300 – Practice Fee

Blue Practice Fees – W $338; S $360 – Practice Fee

Senior Practice Fees – W $358; S $380 – Practice Fee

YMCA Membership Fee – Varies – All members are required to hold a current membership


Annual Fees:

BWST Swimmer Registration Fee: This is an annual fee paid to the Y for membership on the team and must be paid at the time of registration.

USA Swimming Registration Fee: This is an annual fee paid to USA Swimming that allows swimmers to compete in USA sanctioned swim meets and must be paid at the time of registration. BWST submits registrations at the beginning of each short course season for all active members of the team. If you feel you do not need to pay this fee, please contact the Director with questions.


Practice Fees:

Fees are drafted on the 15th of every month or paid out right at the start of the season. Fees are broken down over a 4 month period. Winter 1 Runs from August through November, Winter 2 runs from December through March, and Summer Session runs from April through July. The fee varies by practice group based on pool time & practice hours. High School aged athletes that compete for their school will register only for the winter session that they will participate in but are eligible to swim with the team when able during both winter sessions. HS athletes are asked to register for their session before the start of the Winter I session.


YMCA Membership Fee:

This is a monthly or annual fee paid to the Y. All swimmers must be full program Y members in order to compete in Y dual, area and district meets.



Financial Assistance: Financial Assistance is available for practice fees and memberships. Assistance is need based and is based on income and number of family members. Need is reassessed every 6 months. Financial assistance can be applied for through USA swimming to help with the USA Registration Fees.

HS Swimmers: HS Swimmers that compete on a team over the winter only pay for the session when they are not in season. During the other session, they are allowed to practice with the team as needed or allowed by their HS team.

Sibling Discount: If you have more than one child participating, you receive a 10% discount on your second child and beyond. This discount only applies to practice fees.

College Athletes: College athletes returning for the summer that swam with us for at least a year through their Senior Year of HS will be eligible to swim with the team through the summer with payment of or a current USA registration and payment of the Team Registration Fee.



Group Placement

Current Swimmers: Roster Placements for returning swimmers can be found here. Please note that swimmers marked + will begin progressive move-ups with one practice a week with the next highest roster group at the start of the Session. If you or your swimmer feels they are not listed in the correct group, please speak with your group coach or the Director.

Returning Swimmers: If you have been with Blue Wave before and will be returning this fall after some time off, please contact our director Brent Graham at or 816.858.0114 about group placement before coming in to register.

New Swimmers: If you are new to the Blue Wave team or are new to competitive swimming, please contact our director Brent Graham at or 816.858.0114 about group evaluations. We will be running them over the two weeks of stroke clinic and can also set them up at other times.


Again, we encourage you to attend our stroke clinic to get a feel for practices as well as looking over our team handbook to get to know our team a little better. We are here to help so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. We are excited to meet you and your swimmer(s) and hope you will find a home with us here at Blue Wave.