Reminder: No Automatic Division Balancing for 2018 Season

The HSL Bylaws were revised for the 2017 season to remove the automatic switch of the Division II dual meet season winner and the team at the bottom of Division I at the end of the dual meet season.

No more automatic team placement adjustment of Division II champion and lowest ranked team in Division I. Team Placement and Division Balancing will now be evaluated each fall by the Executive Board who will make recommendations to the full Board for the next season.

Bylaws para 2.1.1.b "The HSL has adopted a structure which segregates the participating teams into two (2) divisions. At the end of each season, division balance and team placement will be determined by the HSL Executive Committee after the fall of the dual meet season year. At the end of the season and prior to the September HSL Board meeting, the HSL Statistician will coordinate running a simulated meet using the top times of the bottom three (3) teams from Division I and the top three (3) teams of Division II. The HSL Executive Committee will review the simulated meet results, dual meet season results and consider other factors including but not limited to projected team make ups and team size. Swimmers who are aging out will not be included in the virtual meet. The Executive Committee will present the proposed division balance and team placement for the following season at the October HSL Board meeting or the first meeting following October 1. Team placement and division balancing must be approved by HSL Board. If a majority vote cannot be achieved the division balance from the previous dual meet season will apply to the upcoming dual meet season."

If you have questions about the changes talk to your team representative or coach.