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Summer League Success!!!

Summer League Finale!!!

Congratulations to Team Nacogdoches!  Summer League Champs!

Dual Meet Record:

Team Nacogdoches:  2-0

Team Angelina:  1-1

Team Lufkin:  0-2


Team Nacogdoches:  827 points

Team Lufkin:  515 points

Team Angelina:  379 points

A special thank you and congratulations goes to ALL the Coaches in Deep East Texas.  Three High School Coaches, Coach Carrie (NHS), Coach Tonya (HHS) and Coach Marisa (PCA) all volunteered extra time and effort in the Spring to conduct promotions and Clinics to increase interest in the Sport of Swimming. 

The Summer League Coaches all put their hearts into finding a balance between work and play to encourage constant growth from our swimmers.  The results were impressive.  Thank you Head Coach Derek Theiss, Coach Carlos Gracia, Coach Lucas Kahn, and Coach Valentin Scognamillo of Team Nacogdoches.  Thank you to Head Coach Marisa Nash, Coach Jessie Livin, Coach Sheridan Lamb, and Coach Mattie Wesoloski of Team Lufkin.  Thank you to Head Coach Tonya Lopez, and Coach Calvin Rowland of Team Angelina.  Our goal was to increase participation in the Sport and help develop skills.  Our attendance at this years “Championship” was 34% higher than in 2016.  This was a Team Effort.  Our Team includes Boys and Girls Club Administration, Erik Cozadd.  Our Team includes Parent Volunteers.  This includes everyone who volunteered as Officials, Timers, Crows nest personnel, Announcers, Concessions, etc.  Our Team includes our Booster Club.  Please realize that if you have a child on the swim team, you are automatically considered a “Booster”.  Our organization will only be as great as we collectively make it.  From my view, we are on our way to great things.  Thank you all.

This year’s meet results will result in both “League Records” and “Championship Records” for the future of the Ambush Summer League.  We will continue to invite selected members from both the former East Texas Summer League and Gulf Swimming member to participate with us in the future.     

Coach Steve Roth