BBST 14 & Under PNS Info, Entries, Timeline, Warm-ups


14 & Under PNS Championships

Warm-up Times:

  • Friday
  • Session 1 –Prelims @ 7:45am
  • Session 2- Finals @ 4pm
  • Saturday
  • Session 3 –Prelims @ 7:15am
  • Session 4- Finals @ 5:45pm
  • Sunday
  • Session 5 –Prelims @ 7:15am
  • Session 6- Finals @ 6:15pm


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  • This is a Championship Prelims/Finals Meet and we are traveling to Federal Way for a swim meet, not to go to the movies. All swimmers are expected to be at Finals to warm up and cheer on the team regardless of whether or not they make the final swim themselves.
  • Swimmers, make sure you bring all your team gear: racing suits, caps, goggles, warm-ups, t-shirts, parkas, towels, water bottles, snacks, and spare caps, spare goggles, spare racing suits and extra towels.
  • 13 and Over swimmers are shaving for this meet. Make sure you are shaved down the night before, not the day of.
  • This is going to be a busy weekend and the timeline is long. Swimmers need to stay hydrated throughout the meet and have enough healthy food on deck to make sure they aren’t starving themselves in between swims. Take a look at the attached timeline and make sure there is a plan for lunch. Swimmers need to know when they have a long break for lunch in the middle of the session or for light snacking throughout the day.
  • It will be hot and humid on deck so swimmers will be sweating. Careful attention to hydration this weekend will help keep our swimmers recovered and fresh.
  • There will be a lot of swimmers on deck and a lot of parents in the stands, CO2 levels will be high. Swimmers are encouraged during long breaks to sit in the stands or outside under a team tent to stay cool and breath fresh air.


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