BBST, Friday last practice of LC Season, 4:30-6pm all groups at AHAC

Friday is the last official practice of the 2017 Long Course Season

All groups have practice this Friday from 4:30-6pm for a combined Team Relay Practice.

Have a great break. BBST is back to the water Monday, August 21 at Lake Padden.


BBST Practice at Padden Aug 21-25 (4:15-5:45pm)(Anacortes practices are canceled)

This summer Arne Hanna is closed for three weeks due to maintenance.

BBST's first week of practice for the 2017-2018 short course season will be at Lake Padden August 21-25 for all swimmers from 4:15-5:45pm at the west entrance.

Lifeguards have been reserved through the City of Bellingham, but all swimmers must have their own supervision at the suggested ratio of 1:1.

Parents are encouraged to bring paddle boards and kayaks to monitor the swimmers.

BBST will be back to practice at Arne Hanna under the new training schedule Monday, August 28th