Moving to a new group

 With the end of the season just days away, there has been an abundance of emails about whether swimmers are moving into a new group. This is a decision that is not taken lightly and it is done between the current coach and the new coach. There are many factors that go into moving a child into a new training group. 

Things that are not a factor in moving groups: 

1- Car pools

2- One season in a current group: Just because it is a new season, does not mean your child will move groups. With two seasons a year, imagine how fast your swimmer would go through the groups. That is not the way it works. 

3- Because your swimmers friends got moved. One swimmer has nothing to do with another. We have to take each child into account and we do what is best for each individual child. 

4- Your childs meet times. While meet times are a small factor, it is not the only factor, and it is actually a very small one. What a swimmer does in practice could be very different than what they do in practice. Lets look at 2 situations: Swimmer A: has very fast times in meets, but can not make the sets in practice, and only attends practice 1-2 times a week and attends very few meets. Swimmer B: May not have as fast meet times as Swimmer A, but works as hard as they can in practice, and often are leading the lane in practice, goes to practice every day, and attends all meets. Swimmer B has shown that they are ready for the next level of training. 


If you have a question about your particular child, you need to speak to the child coach first!! Do not go over their head and speak to a different coach. Please believe that we have your childs best interest at heart all the time!! If a child is moved before they are ready (both physically and emotionally) , they will not progess at the level in which is best for them as athletes and children.