A few reminders regarding the parent Q & A box in the balcony. 

This is a yellow box that has been in the balcony for almost 6 months. The purpose of this box is to put questions in that you may have regarding swim team. To find the answers, under the news section of the website, there is a drop down menu and the first thing is Parent Q & A. 

I have not updated in in quite a while for a very simple reason. There have been some down right nasty comments made and placed in the box. The box is for general questions, not a place for you to vent and say nasty things about people. (Especially considering it is anonymous) If you really have a problem, you need to speak to your childs coach!

I have updated this section and it is all up to date. There are some questions that were not answered because I refuse to talk  about personal details about anyone on the staff or other parents. 

Please know this email went to all parents so please do not get upset.

As soon as I get back from Zones, I will return the yellow box to the balcony and we will try it one more time.