RECAP: Arena Western Zone Senior Championships
The staff was extremely proud of this young crew (Ave. Age of our squad ~14).  BCS swimmers had their eyes set on performing for two weeks, which is no easy feat for anyone.  24-hours after JO Relay Day, 22 BCS swimmers hopped in vans and traveled to Clovis for more racing.  With the heat in the triple digits, our guys toughed it out and had a blast in the process.  They were fed/hydrated well the entire trip, thanks to ourAWESOME chaperones - Dennis Chang & Sippy Brennan - and finished it off with a Korean BBQ (all you can eat) feast.  Congrats, swimmers!!
David Amano (15) - David had a year full of drops, working between water polo and swim.  He struggled on his best events this meet, but swam a 2:11.89 200Fr-Relay split (which his a 4-sec drop!).  He went on to drop 1-second in his 100Fly individual (1:04.52), 4-seconds in his 200IM (2:26.44) time trial, and 4.3-seconds in his 100Fr Time Trial (1:00.00).  
Jamie Brennan (14) - One of the toughest cookies on the squad, as she raced LAI, Sectionals, Junior Olympics AND Zones consecutively over the course of 23 days (16 race days of racing to be exact).  That’s a lot to ask of ANY swimmer, but she handled it like a trooper.  It was a toughening month indeed, having raced the 50 and 100 Free so many times…  She swam a terrific 100Br (1:20.43 - making it back for finals and placing 40th!), dropping 3.1-seconds, and a consistently fast 50Fr (28.55).  Enjoy the break!
Ryan Brennan (14) - After some good prelim/relay swims at JOs, Ryan struggled to get his wheels going at Zones.  He was able to swim the 100Br consistently fast, splitting a 1:10.87 in a relay, and making it back to finals for a 39th place on the final day of the trip.  His 200Br (2:39.35) was also just off his best.  This was definitely a mental test for this guy, but we learned a lot of lessons along the way.
Macie Campbell (14) - Macie seemed to feeling better at JOs, but learned a valuable lesson in warm-up protocol and racing in general.  She was able to rally through an 800Fr (10:08.61) for a drop of 13-seconds, and 1500Fr (19:09.81) for a drop of 6-seconds and a 56th place finish.  She raced well in other events, but fell just short of her fast times at JOs the previous week.  Can’t wait to see her implement the lessons learned...
Emma Chang (14) - It was a challenging meet for Emma, as she looked to make her first Sectional Cut.  She was unable to pull in the swims she wanted, but was able to rally through her off events.  Her 800Fr-Relay split of 2:20.44 was 4-seconds below her best, and her individual 100Fr (1:04.64) was .2 faster than her previous best.  Don’t worry, Emma, the work is still there…that pink cap is YOURS!
Frances Dygean (14) - Frances showed tremendous growth this meet.  She worked on being present with her races, and truly embraced her process when it came to analyzing her swims - which showed the staff big gains in her psychological race maturity.  She fell just short of some best times in her 200Br (3:07.92) and 50Fr (29.98), but buckled up for the experience and came away much wiser!  Keep up the progress, Frances!
Jack Fischer (14) - After an exciting weekend at JOs, Jack kicked off Zones with his first ever 1500Fr (18:05.79), where he placed higher than any other event he swam - 75th.  Distance future?!?  He also went on to drop in the 800Fr (9:30.81) where he placed in 89th.  Though his 400IM was just short the previous weekend’s JO time, he swam a great race and stayed strong the whole weekend.  Congrats!
Kennedy French (13) - Kennedy was coming off a great JOs.  At Zones, she fell just short of some best times in her 50Fr (29.49), 100Fr (1:05.55), and 100Fly (1:10.73), but was able to swim a LIGHTS OUT 200IM (2:39.49) Time Trial - dropping 6.5-seconds!  Moving forward, the goal is to maintain her competitive intensity at practice…  I can’t wait to see what she can do in the years to come; she’ll be an unstoppable force when she puts it all together!
Lily Garcia (14) - Again, after coming off a season’s worth of kicking (but minimal arm training), Lily was able to pull off some exciting swims.  She swam a best time in her 800Fr-Relay lead-off (2:18.68) - dropping 6.2 - and was able to make it back in the 100Bk (1:10.10), placing 38th, and coming just short of her JO swim the previous week.  A season of training her arms should get her back on track.  Can’t wait to see what she can do!
Angel Gonzalez (14) - Angel was fighting a cold on JO Relay day, as well as the first few days of the Zones meet.  He rallied through, dropping .2 in his 200Br (2:42.39), and .36 in his 200IM (2:25.79) which he dropped in the previous week!  This guy has committed through thick and thin, and I have no doubt the drops would have been bigger without illness.  Way to go!
Kiana Hamada (16) - Kiana learned that keep the energy light, and fun, keeps her in line for fast swimming!  She swam a great 2:17.61 relay split (1-second below her best), and a 1:03.21 100Fr-Relay split (.6 off her best).  One of the hardest workers I know, Kiana is on pace for great things…  I can’t wait to see what she does with this summer’s training base!
Dylan Hong (15)
 - 100 fr  56.56  112th/315
 - 200 Bk 2:24.76  109th/133
 - 200 Fr 2:06.19   150th/274
 - 50 Fr 25.76         66th/234
 - 100 Bk 1:06.72    117th/165
 - 100 Fl 1:01.00      57th /207
Joshua Kim (15)
 - 100 Fr 58.43      243rd / 315
 - 200 Br 2:36.58  53rd / 125
 - 400 Fr =%4:25.95  -4 sec drop  97th / 196
   On top of the 7 sec drop at JOs weekend before , Josh confidently squeezed another 4 seconds out of his way and won the heat.
 - 200 Fr  2:07.22  -0.24 sec drop 178th / 274
 - 400 IM  4:58.14   49th / 111
 - 100 Br  1:13.98     83rd / 152
Emma Koehler (13) - She stayed tough through a second week of racing by dropping in 4 out her 5 individual swims.  After dropping a second last weekend, she went on to drop another .5 off her 100Br (1:21.68) - coming in 66th place.  She dropped 1.4-seconds in her 200IM (2:34.49), .3-seconds in her 400IM (5:33.54 - after dropping 3.7 last week!), and .01-seconds off her 200Br (2:55.26 - a drop is a drop)!  Way to go, Emma!!
Miles Leon (16)
 - 100 fr  55.29  52nd / 315
 - 200 Br 2:34.92 41st / 125
 - 200 IM 2:13.62  =%-3.12 sec drop  23rd / 217
    Prelims -2.63 drop, and another 0.5 sec drop in the finals. 1 more sec to Futures
 - 200 Fr (Relay Lead Off) 2:02.65 =% -1.41 sec drop 
    A new Sctionals cut
 - 50 Fr 24.84  -0.19 sec drop  25th / 234
    Made it back to the night with 25.39, and made a new Futures cut going under 25
 - 100 Br 1:11.88   54th/152
 - 100 Fl 59.72  -0.7 sec drop 26th /2073
    First time going under 1:00, Miles finished second in the D finals. His determined closure of the race was especially memorable =M
Allison Pitman (17) - She swam some smart 200s and a great 400!  She’s beginning to figure out how to use her easy speed, learning when to turn it on… In her 400, she swam a 5:08.97 - staying true to her word and swimming a smart race!  Her 200Fr was just shy of her best, but I’m proud to see her fine tuning her race strategy.  She swam a tad pressured in her best events, but we learned she can do much better if she keeps the energy fun.  You got this, Allison!
Emily Pitman (14) - Emily is on her 3rd weekend of racing, and after so many 50/100 Freestyles, you tend to overthink things.  She was just off the mark in her best events, but swam an incredible 200Bk (2:51.20), dropping 4.7-seconds off a time she swam at PAC Comm.  She worked hard to make her Zones cuts, and we’re glad she got to experience the trip.  You’re on the right track!
Sierra Suelzle (13) - Coach Joy and I said it all weekend long, "Sierra was on FIRE!!”  After making her first cut last weekend, Sierra swam a 2:19.68 200Fr-Relay lead-off, which is over 4-seconds below her best.  She also swam a solid 400Fr (5:02.20), dropping 13.2-seconds.  She was consistent with her best in all relays, and got some great racing experience under her belt.  Wow!
Ella Trodd (16) - After struggling to find her groove the first day, Ella stepped up and matured as the weekend progressed.  We started to see the “one” swimmer, Joy and I loved working with.  She was able to hit marks she hadn’t hit in over a year, and went a best time in her 100Bk lead-off (1:13.1).  She swam her first ever 1500m Free, there I couldn’t be prouder of her approach.  Let’s see you train like that!!!
Chalmers Tse (14)
- 200 Br  =%2:32.90  -0.6 sec drop 29th / 125
   As the first one to final at this meet, Chalmers brought excitement to the team by finishing 5th in the D finals. 
- 100 Br 1:11.48  31st / 152 
   Chalmers' 2nd finals event. He swam 1:10.99 in the prelims which is his 3rd best time in the season
Zack Yakubik (13) - In a sea of 15+ year olds, he was the highest ranked 13 year old in the 1500Fr (44th - 17:30.14 - dropping 36-seconds) & 200Bk (43rd - 2:17.50 - dropping 2.5-seconds from JOs, and making a SECTIONAL BONUS).  After a good JO meet, he was able to shave another 13-seconds off his 800Fr (9:12.05), 1.7-seconds off his 200Fr (2:07.33), 1.5-seconds off his 400Fr (4:26.93), .2 off his 100Bk (1:05.40) - all Personal Bests from Santa Clarita.  #BeastMode.  
Tyler Yeomans (16) - Tyler embraced not only his races, but his ability to provide the staff with valuable post-race feedback.  He was just off his best in the 100 & 200 Back, and swam an incredible looking 200IM (2:23.65) that was only .02 off his best.  We look forward to watching him race like that this upcoming short course season.