2017 Junior Olympic Champions!!

This recap is special because it involved the majority of our team, both the young and the old.  It took an entire team effort to pull this off and that is huge.  I received compliments for the staff and athletes from meet officials at Canyons and also from some coaches at Junior Nationals re: our win.  That means people are watching :).  Shaking hands, thanking your timers and swimming fast...... goes a long way.

Congratulations Beach Cities Swimming.  What a year it has been.  We were victorious at Winter Age Group Champs. Then we stepped it up one gigantic notch to take home the win at Junior Olympics.  Much credit and thanks to my staff and the kids for this accomplishment, it was hard fought.  I believe it will become increasingly more difficult to win that meet in the years to come.  It was a big "ASK" of my staff and kids at the end of a long competitive season, to step up one more time.  For many, it was not the end of the road as they had Zones, NACC's or Junior Nationals following this meet.  The opportunity was there for us to take that win and everyone did their job. Sick and a bit bruised we continued to make finals and ultimately grit our way through Relay Day.  We made up a 300 point deficit to grab the win.  Great work everyone, I am super proud of this accomplishment and you should be too.

Sectional / National

This was another experience among several this summer that proved to be pivotal.  Pivoting in athletics -  is ones ability to alter the course while maintaining a steadfast focus on desired outcomes, and we did just that. Don't get distracted by the small stuff, control the things you can control and change if you need to.  We were changing and making adjustments all the way through and I thought the kids did a great job adapting to the challenges before them.

Bryce Saguski - Bryce had a break out summer competitively. Finally got his BCS legs underneath him and raced really well.  This meet was his best one, as he dropped 3.9 in 200fly, 1.4 100fly, 2.3 100 free, 5.4 200free.4 in the 50, .26 in 200IM

Cameron Kahn - Cameron also suffering from the summer plague, swam a full array of events.  Didn't drop the time she wanted, but brought valuable points to the team with her second swims and her relay participation. Came with a great attitude even while not feeling well.

Ema Kakazu - Ema had two good meets in the end here. She had some great time drops at this meet.  3 in the 200free, .35 in 100free, .62 in 1fly, 3.3 in 200IM, .55 in 100back,  .01 in 50free.  These times are coming on the heels of some drops at Sectionals as well. She had a great summer season and grabbed some valuable second swims

Ike Shirakata- Ike swam some different races as well and managed some good drops in those events. 6.1 400 free, 1.8 200 breast, 1.2 100 back, .68 50free, 5.2 200IM, .57 100 fly.

Andrew White - Andrew dropped at Sectionals and dropped again here. 200 back .47, .97 100 fly, 3.5 200free, 3.4 200IM, .72 100 back just missing the cut he had been shooting for this summer. Winter Juniors will be his next target.  Andrew also grabbed some valuable points with his second swims.

Tyler Yeomans - Tyler is on the verge of a breakthrough, unfortunately it didn't show up for him at this meet.  He had solid swims, better mental racing and helped out his team.   200 back - .94, 200 breast + .13, 100 back +1.7, 100 breast +.9, 400IM + .14

Sawyer Coye - Sawyer had some good swims here and added to his team point total on the relays.  50 Free -.93, 100 Free - .98, 200 Free +1.8, 100 Back +3

Nico Colomer - Nico had a solid meet, continues to surprise us in his new found sprint events. 50 Free + .5,  100 Free + .5, 200 Free - 1.8, 400 Free - 5.3, 200 Back + .8, 200 Fly - 1.4, 

Nikki Cooper - Nikki coming off her high of making Sectionals at LAI, then hitting Sectionals and now JO's, had some solid swims and a couple that fell short of expectations.  She snagged some valuable second swims and added to her team on the relays.  50 Free + .08, 100 Free -.98, 100 back +.4, 200 back + 1.3, 1breast - 1.06, 2IM + 6.

Cassy Allen - Cassy had some great experiences racing long course all summer and added some very valuable second swims to the tally. She also added value to her relays. She is close to Junior cuts in a couple of swims and is ready for a breakthrough.

Sebastian Wagoner - Seabass had some good drops as well.  He was getting the plague when the meet started, but toughed it out through relay day. 1.16 drop in 1free, 6.3 in 4IM, 3.3 800 free, 4.8 1500, 1.6 free

Kai Bathurst - Kai was focused on Juniors, but came away with some great racing experience and more time in the LC pool.  Had a big drop in his 400IM -5 and raced around his best times from the previous week at Sectionals.  Was a point contributor on relays as well.

Kiana Hamada - Coming off of a bad summer cold, Kiana fought hard and managed to drop some time in her 100 fly and bring much needed value to the relays. Poor thing was just hanging on, but was tough and helped her team out.

Keiko Derikoletis - Keiko had a strong showing, didn't quite grad her second juniors cut, but brought some valuable points in her swims and relay efforts.  She too, was focused on her new accomplishments and was getting ready for her Junior national debut.

Alex Crisera - Alex swam many of her off events at this meet and managed some best times along with some new and unexpected cuts.  Getting several second swims and points.

ELA AGE GROUP (Coach Sharif)
Azael Aguilar was the youngest finalist in the 100 FL as an 8 year old, but finished with a strong 6th place standing (1:22.61) a bit off his best time of 1:21.50. Jezabel Aguilar came back in the prelims as 14th for her 100 FL with a strong time of 1:14.03. Meka Go won the prelim heat of 100 FL at her very first summer JO's with a strong time of 1:24.38, dropping 7 seconds from her entry time! Kiana Li looked incredibly strong in her 50 BR, finishing 15th in finals, but going a best time of 39.88 in the prelims. Nadia Lui was also on fire for her first JO meet, dropping 7 seconds in the 100 FL and finishing 7th (1:21.60 in finals 1:21.19 in prelims). Kathy Munoz swam an amazing 400 FR, dropping more than 11 seconds (5:05.70) and qualifying for prelims, awesome!! Ryan Ng swam his very first Junior Olympics as well, doing the 50 and 100 BR (just barely missing his best times). Jasmine Phuong, JO champion in the 50 FL was absolutely dominate, winning the heat by more than a second (32.90). You truly had to see the swim to believe it, so proud of you. Nick Poon swam his part in the 100 FL and 100 BR, barely off his best times but looking sharp in technique. Nate Teeraniti had amazing, impressive sprints this meet, 50 FL (30.97) and 50 BK (31.76), 50 FR (29.02)- he looks more than ready to apply this speed into his mid-distance events ;). And finally, Dylan Wee wonderfully represented BCS in the 50 and 100 FL (36.35) and (1:20.19).

This summer JO's was truly something amazing. Thank you to all coaches, parents, and athletes for your hard-work and dedication to the program. It has truly been my pleasure to be able to experience this with you all.

Most of our swimmers were getting ready for 2 weeks of racing.  Some let it get to their heads, and others handled it well.  Though not fully rested for JOs, we still had some impressive swims.  Great job all around!

David Amano - Struggled to bounce back after a week at Polo JOs, but still managed to drop .84 off his 400IM.

Jamie Brennan (44 points) - Swam great prelim 100Fr, swimming a 1:01.04 (8th).  Her 9th place 100Br (1:20.87), was a 2.6-second drop.  She place well in the 200IM (8th) and 50Fr (6th), and her relays scored some big points, winning a 1st, a 2nd, a 3rd, and 2 4ths, with some spectacular splits (Ex: 28.05 & 1:00.96).

Ryan Brennan (21 points) - Won his 100Br, dropping .26 with a time of 1:10.33, and place 16th in his 200IM (2:26.87).  He also scored some big relay points, with 2 winning teams and a whopping 26.66 50Fr!

Roger Brown (54 points) - Struggled to get his feet under him on day 1, but bounced back strong!  He placed 5th in his 100Bk, 6th in his 100Fly (1:02.88 - dropping .92), 8th in his 200Bk and 200Fr (2:08.64 - dropping .8), 14th in his 50Fr, and 15th in his 100Fr.

Macie Campbell (33 points) - Had an incredible 200Bk, dropping 4.2-seconds (2:40.22) - placing 16th.  Her .3-second drop in her 100Fr got her a 14th place finish, while a 9-second drop in the 200Fr (2:14.21 - SECTIONAL BONUS) got her a 9th place finish.  She was a true finals swimmer, demolishing her Consols heat, and dropping 7.2-seconds in her 400Fr (4:44.55).

Emma Chang (37 points) - Had some great 200 races (200Bk [2:31.36] - 3.3-second drop for a 7th place finish) & 200Br [2:59.52] - .4-second drop for a 12th place finish), and great freestyle races (50Fr Zones Bonus & a 2:23 200Fr split.  She also placed well, scoring big points for BCS in the 100Br (10th), 100Bk (6th).

Frances Dygean - Dropped a huge 200Bk (2:44.04), knocking off 6-seconds.  She was just off her best in her other races, but overall, raced with heart.

Jerome Emery - Split some great legs in 3 relays, swimming Personal Bests in his 50Fr-Split (28.2 - best by a over a second) and 100Fr-Split (1:03.6 - best by 2.3 seconds).  Congrats!

Jack Fischer (28 points) - TEAM RECORD: 200Fly (2:24.91). Jack finally broke his 200Fly curse, dropping 1-second in a 5th place finishing 200Fly (2:24.91).  He had an incredible 400IM (5:03.32), after dropping 3.6 and coming in 5th.  He did some great work helping all four of his relay teams score some much needed BCS points.

Kennedy French (22 points) - Her 200Fly (2:38.45) was one of my Top 3 favorite swims of the meet. She dropped 4.2 in prelims, then another 6-seconds in finals, for a total of 10.2-seconds off her best in a 9th place swim!  Her fly was on fire, as she dropped a total of 2.1-seconds in a 6th place 100Fly (1:09.61).  Kennedy was also a part of the 200Fr-Relay winning team.

Lily Garcia (55 points) - After a season of kicking due to a shoulder issue, Lily was coming in not having trained her arms much..  She relied on her legs to do most of the work, making her first SECTIONAL CUT in the 50Fr (28.58).  She dropped 1.3-seconds in her 100Bk (3rd - 1:09.32 - SECTIONAL BONUS), 7.6-seconds in her 100Br (6th - 1:20.62), 8.4-seoncds in her 200Br (9th - 2:58.66), and .7 off her 100Fr (11th - 1:02.55 - SECTIONAL BONUS).

Angel Gonzalez (15 points) - He had a great finish to his season, dropping in 5 out of his 6 events.  His most impressive were his 100Br (12th - 1:15.47 - ZONES CUT) and 200IM (13th - 2:26.31 - ZONES BONUS).  He’s been on a roll all season, and I can’t wait to see what he can do next year!

Atom Hashimoto - He’s been on a roll all year, dropping consistently in every meet.  His 100Fly (1:08.5 - .7 drop), 200Br (2:56.03 - 1.5 drop), 100Bk (1:12.31 - 1.1 drop), and 100Br (1:20.48 - .6 drop) were all best times; some of which he dropped in just the week before!  

Emma Koehler (23 points) - Emma made her ZONES CUT in the 400IM (14th - 5:33.97), dropping 3.7-seconds in the process.  She swam a great 100Br (15th - 1:22.15), dropping .76, and 200IM (11th - 2:35.85), dropping 7.25-seconds!!  She placed 7th in her 200Br, but was just short of a PR.  Way to go, K! 

Abbie Maemoto (1 point) - Abbie has been a fighter all year, but just fell short of reaching her first Zones Cut.  She dropped time in her freestyle events, dropping .6 in her 100Fr (1:05.90) and .8 in her 50Fr (29.96).  Abbie went on to make us proud by making her ZONES CUT in the 200Fr-Relay…although it didn’t count, I’m glad she was able to get the job done!

Yuri Onimura - After dropping making her JO Cut in the 200Br the previous week, Yuri came out swinging, dropping another second!!  She went on to drop 1.6-seconds in her 100Br (1:23.97) as well!!  Congrats on being a JO swimmer!

Gavin Pierce (9 points) - I can’t wait to see this guy get a whole season of work under his belt.  He came in entered with short course times, not having competed in long course all season.  He dropped a 57.62 100Fr - scoring in 11th - and a 1:05.54 100Fly - scoring in 14th.  I look forward to watching him develop!
Allison Pitman (6 points) - Scored in the 50Fr (13th - 28.73) and 100Fr (15th - 1:02.88), coming just short of some personal bests.  She tried a new strategy in the 200Fr, which was a great teaching moment for her!  Proud she was able to race and score some big points in those relays - highest being a 2nd place finish in the 200Fr-Relay!!

Emily Pitman - She had a great 100Fr, after getting a drop the previous weekend at PAC Comm.  She dropped an additional second, going a 1:04.92.  She also had some pretty awesome relay splits, splitting a 29.0 in her 50Fr.  Keep it up, Emily!!

Sarah Quayle - Struggled to put it all together, but pulled together a pretty good 200Bk (2:46.99), falling just short of her best.  I’m excited to see her get back to the drawing board to hash out some technique!

Robert Rogers - Wow.  After swimming a great prelims/finals (dropping a total of 3 seconds) at PAC Comm., Robert was able to knock off another 4.5-seconds in his 200Fly (2:41.59)!!  He also had an impressive 28.36 50Fr-Relay Split.  Keep up the effort, Robert!!

Kiku Shirakata - Although we’ve been working on confidence and belief in self, we weren’t quite able to work it all out in time for the end of the season.  She was able to drop .3 off her 50Fr, but I know she has a lot left in there.  Kiku, enjoy the process…the work is still in there!

Sierra Suelzle - Made her first ZONES CUT in the 100Fr, dropping 2.6-seconds.  She swam a great 200IM (2:40.48), dropping 3.2-seconds, before making her second ZONES CUT in the 200Fr-Relay leadoff (29.76).  Congrats, Sierra!  See you at ZONES!!!

Ella Trodd (7 points) - She has been on quite the journey.  Although she struggled at JAG, but was able to start piecing together elements of what we’ve wanted her to commit to.  She was able to swim some times just off her best (which we consider wins for now).  We will see how she responds to more rest come Zones time!  

Zack Yakubik (58 points) - TEAM RECORD: 800Fr (9:25.97).  He had one hell of a good meet even though he didn’t feel as rested as he wanted.  He placed in the 200Bk (4th - 2:19.95 - dropping 3), 800Fr (4th - 9:25.97 - dropping 6.6), 100Bk (6th - 1:05.7 - dropping 2.2), 400Fr (7th - 4:28.42 - dropping 1.5), 200Fr (15th - 2:09.00 - dropping .09), and 400IM (16th - 5:12.83).  He was “100 short” of swimming an amazing 400Fr, but will have another shot of swimming the first 300 as aggressively as he did at Zones...

Tristan Yeomans - Although attendance has been spotty, he was coming in trying to shake off the previous week of water polo games.  He was still able to do some damage to his 400IM (dropping 1.9) and 200Br (dropping 1.6).


Henry Benso (17)
100 Br 1:17.24  -4 sec drop  - 38th
- New personal best from 2016. 
200 Br 2:49.22  -1.2 sec drop  - 39th
- additional1.2 sec drop on top of 7 sec drop from the last ditch meet the weekend before. Nicely done!

Nick Chan (16)
400 IM 5:12.10  -7 sec drop    31st
- Smooth strokes and smart pacing was outstanding. 
200 IM 2:25.13   -1.2 sec drop  - 39th
100 Bk 1:10.83  -0.7 sec drop - 53rd

Ashley Cuan (16)
100 Fr 1:03.69    -0.2 sec drop  - 32nd
200 Fr 2:22.44  -5.2 sec drop   23rd
- Smooth and wise pacing. Great work!
50 Fr 29.07  0.1 sec drop  -  20th

Meiyah Go (12)   42 pts. 
100 Bk 1:13.51  Finalist - 9th
100 Fr 1:05.52  Finalist - 13th
50 Fl    31.92   1.1 sec drop  Finalist - 9th 
200 IM 2:45.03  1.3 sec drop - 20th
50 Bk   33.67   0.7 sec drop  Finalist - 3rd 
50 Fr 29.91       Finalist - 13th

Kaden Ho (13)
100 Br  1:21.32  -3 sec drop  37th
- big 3 sec drop from his best. Kaden saved the best for last. Totally happy for you!

Dylan Hong (15)    1 pt. 
100 Fr   56.13  -0.4 sec drop 27th 
100 Br   1:17.00 -5.7 sec drop  37th
 - Stable rhythm and consistency in DPS resulted in big drop. 
100 Fl  1:00.79  -0.7 sec drop   Finalist - 16th

Gabi Icheva (15) - 100 pts.
200 Fl 2:23.61  -1.22 sec drop Finalist - 3rd
200 Fr 2:08.82 -1.6 sec drop   Finalist - 2nd
400 Fr 4:35.25                           Finalist - 4th
200 IM 2:24.45                          Finalist - 1st 
200 Br 2:46.72  -0.5 sec drop Finalist - 1st 
50 Fr    28.17                               Finalist - 7th

Joshua Kim (15)        17 pts. 
400 IM 4:54.72  Finalist - 13th
100 Br 1:12.23 (prelims) Finalist - 15th
400 Fr 4:29.97  -7 sec drop  27th
200 Br 2:37.20   Finalist - 8th
100 Bk 1:05.82  -0.4 sec drop  30th

Andre Law (16)   2 pts. 
100 Fl 1:02.01  -2.1 sec drop 22nd
50 Fr 25.54       Finalist - 15th

Miles Leon (16)     34 pts. 
200 Bk  2:20.54  -17 sec drop  Finalist - 14
400 IM  4:52.70  -24 sec drop  Finalist - 11th
 - 19 sec drop in the prelims, 6.7 sec more in the finals. Wowza!!
100 Br  1:11.73  Finalist - 10th
100 Bk 1:04.24  -3.96 drop   Finalist - 13th
 - initially seeded as 53rd, ended up 13th
50 Fr 24.99 -0.04 drop    Finalist - 5th
 - first time under 25 sec 

Wesley Mah (16)
50 Fr 27.39   - 0.41 drop (relay lead off)

Colin Ng (13)
200 Fl 2:43.31    -4.1 sec drop   28th
Tommy Park (13)    101 pts.
400 IM 4:59.01  -13.64 drop   Finalist - 3rd
 - 7.5 sec drop in the prelims, and 6 more in the night.   New best time since May. Seeded as 8th, finished as 3rd. Excellent!
100 Br 1:12.35   -0.24 sec drop   Finalist - 4th
100 Fl 1:00.24   -1.65 sec drop    Finalist - 2nd
200 IM 2:16.93  -1.41 sec drop    Finalist - 1st 
200 Br 2:36.08   -2.45 sec drop  Finalist - 3rd 
100 Bk 1:02.98    Finalist - 2nd
100 Fr (relay lead off) 57.49   -0.3 sec drop

Kelly Poon (15)    56 pts. 
400 IM 5:20.50 (prlms.) -3.5 sec drop Finalist - 7th
100 Br  1:19.10   -0.93 sec drop      Finalist - 6th
100 Fl   1:09.29  -0.69 sec drop  19th
200 IM 2:30.87  -2.55 sec drop  Finalist - 4th
 - seeded 19th and ended with 4th. 
200 Br 2:51.03    Finalist - 3rd
100 Fr (Relay lead off) 1:02.39  -1 sec drop 
50 Fr (Relay lead off) 28.70   -36 sec drop 

Chalmers Tse (14)  33 pts. 
100 Fr 1:00.40  -0.3 sec drop  33rd 
400 IM 5:19.77 -2.28 sec drop 22nd 
100 Br 1:10.45   -0.48sec drop Finalist - 3rd
 - Chalmers got to shout "Give me my pink cap!" To Mo. 1st Sectionals cut 
200 IM 2:27.11   -4.24 sec drop 17th 
200 Br 2:33.33 -3.54 sec drop  Finalist - 2nd
 - After a neck to neck race, Chalmers took 2nd in the finals. 
50 Fr 28.36   -0.17 sec drop 34th

Charles Wang (15)   53 pts.
200 Fl 2:20.92  -4.5 sec drop  23rd
100 Fr 54.58   -0.44 sec drop  Finalist - 9th 
 - seeded as 42nd, finished as 9th, should have been 5th
400 IM 4:48.85   -12.89 sec drop  Finalist - 9th 
 - dropped 6.5 in the prelims, and 6.2 more in the finals. Woo hoo!!!
200 IM 2:14.02   -9.86 sec drop  Finalist - 1st 
- Amazing race through out the race. The last 50 was especially impressive. 
100 Bk 1:01.53   -0.94 drop  Finalist - 4th
50 Fr 25.80    -0.06 sec drop  26th
200 Fr (relay lead off) 1:59.30   -2 sec drop 

Sabrina Wang (13)   36 pts. 
100 Fr 1:01.51  -1.71 sec drop   Finalist - 10th
 - Earned her pink cap in this race. Nicely done!!
200 Fr 2:17.91   -1.66 sec drop     Finalist - 13th
400 IM 5:29.10   -0.2 sec drop     Finalist - 10th
200 IM 2:33.65   Finalist - 9th
50 Fr 28.37   -0.3 drop       Finalist - 9th

Daron Wee (15)
200 Bk 2:36.22   -1 sec drop           51st 
200 Fl  2:28.56    -8.1 sec drop   28th
100 Fl 1:04.20     -2 sec drop      42nd
100 Bk 1:11.66  -0.4 sec drop         55th
50 Fr (Relay lead off) 27.25  -0.1 sec drop 

GOLD GROUP (Coach Ali)
Griffin Colomer: 3:05 200 Breast coming off a short course time.  This was Griffin's first JO's and managed a decent time after rupturing his ear drum over the summer.  Good job!

Kai Francis: 1:16 100 Back.  Qualified the weekend before so mostly going to the experience.  So glad you were finally able to make it and can build from here to add more events!

Ina Gorordo: 2:54 200 Fly.  Added a bit of time but Ina continues to balance multiple sports.  I look forward to watching her achieve some more cuts in the future.

Hannah Kim:  Hannah struggled a bit with some tough events (400 IM, 200 Back, 200 Fly) and only being able to make a few practices a week but she always swims with heart giving 100%!  I can't wait to see what happens in the coming months.

Ryan O'Shaughnessy: 3:00 200 Breast.  Ryan is still managing some pain from arm surgery so to even be close to that 3 min mark is great for what he has been able to do in practice.  Can't wait to see you back at full strength.

Katie Wrigley: Katie was also able to attend her first ever JO meet qualifying in both butterfly events.  A trip to Hawaii the week leading up to JOs may have added to some small adds but so happy for you that you finally got to go!  Can't wait to watch as you continue to piece everything together and get some additional cuts.

JO GROUP (Coach Adriana)
A bit of a rough go around for the JO crew at JOs this year.................until they got to Saturday and RELAY DAY of course, and THEN they were flying! We had a great JAG meet as a group in June, but didn't back it up with a great end of the year JO meet. 

Been thinking about it a lot, and of course there are a lot of factors...and that's for coach to figure out ;) Did I not give them enough rest if it took untilSaturday to swim fast? Did we put too much focus on JAG and not enough on JOs? etc., etc. Nonetheless, I was proud to see them keep grinding away to the final days where they were an integral part of helping BCS score some major points and bring home the trophy! 

Andrew Bonelli
Trent Bowles
Maxwell Colomer
Mia Crisera
Matthew Cullen
Elsie delaCruz
Bradley Diaz
Lauren Donnelley
Mekaela Kaji
Elliot Kim
Rayen Lin
Claire Murray
Jack O'Shaughnessy
Ryan Rogers
Reagan Santa Ana
Sanoja Sridevan
Nicole Ungaro

Trent Bowles - 5/5 best times...Way to go!! 

Mia Crisera - Breath control in the 50 Free...YES!!

Elsie delaCruz - Finaled in the 50 and 100 Breast and Consoloed in the 50 Fly.
Bradley Diaz - Got up after the Fly events at least ;) making Consols in the 200Fly. 

Lauren Donnelley - Most reliable alternate ever! Thank you for coming back and being prepared if the opportunity were to arise. 

Mekaela Kaji - Looked a bit more confident in her races this weekend. Consoled in the 100 Back, 100 Fly and 50 Back.

Ryan Rogers - Consoled in the 100 Breast and 50 Free. By the way, 29.8 50 Free!

Reagan Santa Ana - Consoled in the 100 Free, 50 Fly and 100 Breast

Sanoja Sridevan - came just for RELAY DAY...Thank you for doing that for the team!

Elsie delaCruz - 50 Breast (36.84)
Elsie delaCruz - 100 Breast (1:22.09)

BLUE GROUP (Coach Sergio)
Fred Brown (8pts) - After a year filled with ups and downs (injuries, illnesses, etc.), Freddy powered through and fought through the very end of the meet.  Although the drops were small, he kept his head in the game all weekend, placing 13th (100Br), 14th (50Br) and 16th (100Bk) in his individuals, while placing 6th in a relay!  I can’t wait to see this kid train through an injury free season!

Vincent Calta (11 points) - He showed his versatility, dropping 3 in his 100Bk (1:21.47), 1 in his 200F (2:26.82), and 3 in his 50Br (39.86).  Although he is still not attached to BCS, he would have scored in his 50Br (12th), 400Fr (16th), and 100Br (12th).  I can’t wait to see what happens after he’s been with us longer!

Maya Chou - Swam her 50Bk after spending some time on vacation.  She earned the right to compete at JOs, but unfortunately, the training wasn’t in place for a drop.  Congrats on being a JO Swimmer!

Ryan Haddad - A season’s worth of massive drops got him to JOs, but Ryan struggled to get more on the big day. His most impressive swim came at a stress free, low pressure time trial swim, where he went a 3:11.33 in his 200Br.  You’ve made incredible progress…keep it up!

Madie Malone - After JUST making her 100Fr JO Cut at PAC Comm, she managed to drop another .4, swimming a 1:08.93.  She dropped a bit of time off her 50Fr individual (.09), but showed us what she’s capable of in her relay swims - splitting 31.1 (.3 off her best).  Congrats on a great JOs!

Austin Morse (2 points) - One of my favorite races was his 100Fly (1:16.82), where he raced like a champ, dropping 4.3!  Austin also dropped 1.6 in his 50Fly…I think he’ll be a Breaststroke-Flyer =)  He dropped in both breaststroke events swimming dropping 5.4 combined in his 50 and 100.  Keep up the great work!

Kattalee Segal (7 points) - She had a great meet filled with finals opportunities.  Dropping in 5 out of 6 events, Kattalee went a best time in her 100Br (first time LCM), 50Fr (35.75, dropping .4), 50Bk (42.21, dropping .3), 50Fly (37.64, dropping 3.3), and 100Bk (1:33.50, dropping 1.9).  She made Consolation Finals in her 100Fly and 50Fly, placing in 13th and 14th, respectively.  Congrats!!

RED GROUP (Coach Taylor)
 A hard meet for sure, but nonetheless great results from all of the Red group swimmers. I’m proud of everyone who swam for making it to this meet and showing me all the hard work they’re committed to doing to get here. Thanks to everyone for ending this season on such a high!

Particular shoutouts to those who swam in finals, especially after all the great prelim time drops we saw: Delaney Herr for all three of her freestyle events (50M, 100M, 200M), 50M butterfly, 50 Back and 100 Back and helping her two A Relays (200M freestyle, 2nd; 200M medley, 3rd); Mikaela Maemura for her 50M and 100M freestyle events, as well as her 50M and 100M backstroke, 200M IM, and assisting her two A Relays (200M freestyle, 2nd; 200M medley, 3rd); Kaela Hashimoto and Jordan Barash for assisting their 200M freestyle B relay to 7th; Matthew Hansen for his 100M breaststroke; and Ian Hansen for assisting his 200M freestyle B relay to 6th.

WHITE GROUP (Coach Christina)

Congratulations to Peyton Kuo, Grant He, Andy Pham, and Isabel Merica-Jones for attending summer JOs this year. 

Andy Pham: dropped 1.10sec in 50 breast, added time in 50 back. Great 1st meet and what a year for Andy, who was in Clownfish same time last year.

Grant: dropped 2.21 sec in 50 breast, and 3.80sec in 100 breast for a 16thplace finish. 

Peyton dropped 1.59 sec for a 12th place finish in 100fly,  1.43sec 50 fly, 1.53 sec in 50 breast, and .68sec 50 back. 

Peyton and Andy participated in 200 Medley Relay but were DQd. Andy participated in 200 Free relay as well. Great Job boys!  

Isabel went all out and had some amazing cuts the previous weekend, at the JO Max qualifier. At JOS, she added some time in her events, 50bk, 100bk, 50 fr, 100 Fr, which is to be expected when juggling JGs, Swim camp, practice, and weekend competitions. Isabel went to finals for 100bk, 15th place finish.  Great effort, and time for some much needed rest!

What an awesome experience and thank you to all who gave of their time and energy!